A few home income ideas that have tremendous potential.


You don’t have to be a high-flying technology geek to teach people how to use a computer and create a nice home income by doing so.  The fact you’ve accessed this material means you already have sufficient knowledge to pass on. Kids learn I.T. at school these days, but for many of the over-forties generation, computers are still a mystery.  More and more of our everyday needs are being processed online – information, banking, shopping, booking tickets etc. Unable to use a computer, a lot of older folk are feeling increasingly isolated and frustrated as a result. Many would also love to take advantage of email to stay in touch with relatives and friends abroad. What they want is someone who can show them the basics of getting an email address, mailing, website access and using search engines. If you can do this in a friendly, jargon-free way, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Advertise in your local library and community centre, offering one-to-one tuition or small groups. Do home visits or hire a small room if you get a big response. Remember your potential clients may not even own a PC yet, and a computer store can be a bewildering place for the novice, so offer to talk through the different options with them. As the grey revolution marches on, your “silver surfers” will be riding along on the crest of the wave – and your home income will increase exponentially!   

 These are just a few ideas to get you started on the path to making a home income perhaps you could come up with loads more. However, most folk struggle because they have limited options, so let’s explore a few more. Create a home income by offering a cleaning service. You can go to individual homes and offices. However is you desire massive home income you may contract to bulk office cleaning. Turn energy into home income. Create a home income by offering a mobile car tuning and oil change service. This can be expanded to cleaning and valeting. Create a home income by offering a shirt cleaning collection and delivery service. Add your own magic touches.

 Create a home income by offering a dog walking service. Expand by offering grooming, trimming and kennelling. Create a home income by doing diligent research. Google home income, invest in manuals books and CDs and start to build and burning desire with yourself that you really will have a home income.

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