A home income you can start for pennies!


Many of us live with the notion that we have to go out to work to make an income. Whilst that might be the norm, more and more people are looking for ways to make a home income. Technology and the need for flexible working have made this a far more viable option.

 Here are a few ideas to get you started if the idea of a home income appeals to you.


Start in this game for under $10 – who are you kidding!  Well no-one actually. Ok you’re not going to be Saatchi and Saatchi overnight, but then again few can afford their fees and you won’t need to charge a fraction of what they do to make money. If you have a little imagination, are interested in businesses and what makes people tick, then you’ve got what it takes to help promote others, and create a home income. Contact start-up firms and offer to chat with them about where they want to go and who they want to reach. Discuss the various advertising media options open to them and offer to produce a cost-effective package. Think up slogans and visual images which will convey a powerful message about their company and plan a six month campaign for them. Provide them with a break-down of costs, including your fee and get their approval and a first instalment. With your first client you’ll be learning all the way, so don’t try to have all the answers. Stress that your approach is creative, and offer solutions and new ways of thinking rather than just “putting an ad in the paper”. Generate excitement about their business and it will become infectious. The better you become, the more your home income will increase.  Advertizing consultant is just one route to a home income, let’s look at a few more, while we’re on a roll!

 Develop a home income by becoming a business consultant. Develop a home income by fashion consultant. Many folk, both male and female have absolutely no fashion sense and there is a real market out there if you have the flair.

Develop a home income by design consultant. The things that spring to mind here are up market homes, prestigious offices, yachts, privately owned airplanes,

Develop a home income by setting a computer consultancy. This can include advice about upgrading, repairs, software and Internet training.

Develop a home income by teaching piano, guitar or singing lessons.

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