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How to Become Successful | Two Types of Success

As a young entrepreneur I used to sit on the top of "my hill" pondering over the secrets of success. I didn't have any money, but I was desperate to make some and make myself a name and a place in the world. Over a period of many years, I did make some money and [...]

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Multiple Streams of Income in Consulting

Hello, this is Ron G Holland again. We're still continuing the theme about mentoring, and specifically how I help existing consultants increase their revenue, their profits and make more money.  And today the topic that I'm going to be talking about for consultants who are already in the industry, I'm going to be talking about [...]

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Helping consultants shatter the 13 myths

1) You can start up a consultancy business without capital. This is possible to do, but having some capital, even a tiny amount, can be of great gain. Add an element of clout and credibility by having some capital available to you. 2) No selling involved. Consultancy is a service that one SELLS to other [...]

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I need to earn $5,000 a month…

....my visualizations aren’t working! Hi Ron, What I am trying to get at is $250 to $300 a day via Clickbank plus $5k a month in my paypal account, all generated online. Instead of drilling down, I find my mind wandering off to any far-flung corner as long as it hasn’t got much to do [...]

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Get your questions answered – here!

The Eureka! Enigma, has brought with it a deluge of thanks you letters, enquires and requests for further help. This is typical and through this blog I will try to answer as many questions as possible… Ron, I have followed your philosophy for many, many years. I have had more eurekas than I can count, [...]

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Feel Great! Feel Empowered!

Feel Great! Feel Empowered! Feel Good! Feel Strong! Feel Fantastic! Feel Everything! Many people live their entire lives blocking out their feelings because they have been hurt or don’t want to be let down. They live lives of quite desperation. However, with a little effort you can block out negative feelings and deliberately train yourself [...]

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Start setting goals – even small ones!

Many of my workshop attendees don’t really set goals. They think they do, they know they should; but when we drill down, deep down, they begin realize they haven’t. They have often read all the books and done all the workshops. But it’s only when they have completed the Enigma training that they wake up [...]

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