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Business mentoring, it’s what I do…
My name is Ron G Holland. You may have seen me on TV or heard me on the radio. I am the author of many best selling business and financial books, manuals and audio programs and I have been written up as Top Biz Guru and Business Genius Maverick and more recently, The Equalizer! I have been a business mentor and implementer for over thirty years. During this time I have helped create many millionaires – I am a hired brain, a professional problem solver. I unlock business and personal problems…and I do it over and over again! Let me be part of your Human Capital.

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Bespoke Business & Wealth Mentoring can take you onward and upward very quickly! Read on to see how you can obtain a FREE consultation with a Top Biz Guru, who will tell you how!

Extreme Implementation  – Mentoring with Bite!

All my services involve Extreme Implementation. I am not just a MENTOR, I am always highly instrumental in actually making things happen. Read on, to find out more about how I may be able to give you a QUANTUM LEAP – RISK FREE!

Entrepreneurial Solutions:

A tailored service for principals and business owners offering a creative approach to business affairs, including: fundraising (loans and equity), cashflow, banking, debt, creditors, turnarounds, restructuring, Wealth Creation, cost effective marketing, mergers, acquisitions and other rapid expansion methodologies, sales, partnerships, start-up advice, appointing professional advisers – and more.

Corporate Solutions:

A private service for CEOs and Main Boards using a refreshing approach to problem solving, concerning: improving share price and shareholder value, overcoming plateaus, marketing, employees, public relations, Wealth Creation, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, communications, motivation, fostering better professional relationships, people skills, team building, expansion, fraud prevention, hiring and firing, building the Board, outsourcing, new, international and emerging markets, cross border trading, security, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, sales, competition – in fact, all aspects of corporate life.

Discretionary Solutions:

A delicate and sensitive approach when dealing with: potential fraud / dishonesty, mediation, negotiation, partnership and board problems, communication issues, stress, motivation, depression and any other sensitive personal problem that requires utmost discretion that you care to involve us in. If your partnership is sinking, maybe we can salvage it, or at the very least – rescue you?

Forensic Problem Solving:

This powerful methodology leaves no stone unturned …we WILL arrive at a workable solution in the shortest space of time. Satisfaction guaranteed! I get to the core of problems very quickly!

We think completely outside the box and achieve results within a fixed time frame. If appropriate or necessary, we can act as implementers in the process…not just advisers. We unlock even the trickiest situations.

Absolute discretion assured.

Extreme Wealth Mentoring Strategies:

A bespoke mentoring package for individuals to help you maximize all your personal and business assets (hard assets and soft skill sets). How to start a business or improve your income dramatically. Recession  beating strategies. Many of my clients who came wanting to reach £100,000 incomes, became millionaires.

When I MENTOR you, my BLACK BOOK becomes your BLACK BOOK:

I have a massive network of high net-worth individuals, angel networks, private investors, stockbrokers, banks, venture capitalists, strategic alliance partners and City accountancy firms and laws firms. I also have well established connections in marketing, IT, Internet advertising and PR professionals. We have unprecedented access to a huge database of potential non-executive Directors and Chairmen and many of these have their own money to invest. Many times I can effect a warm introduction to just the right person, adviser or institution that you are looking for. It really is a case of ‘not what you know – but who you know!’ that counts. Don’t  leave it too late to talk to a professional problem solver – who is more implementer than mentor! When you have everything to gain and nothing to lose…DO IT NOW! I will sign a non-disclosure, non-circumvent, sworn to secrecy agreements of your own or supply ours… ‘absolute discretion’ and ‘professional confidence’ guaranteed. I am extremely sensitive to delicate and confidential matters.


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Phone: 0208 9919 666

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