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The Eureka! Enigma, has brought with it a deluge of thanks you letters, enquires and requests for further help. This is typical and through this blog I will try to answer as many questions as possible… Ron, I have followed your philosophy for many, many years. I have had more eurekas than I can count, [...]

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Enjoy the Ride!

Oh what a joy! Today I received in the mail a hardback copy of Rocky Robinson’s book ‘Flat Out - The Race for the Motocycle World Land Speed Record’. Rocky personally signed the book “Enjoy the Ride” and he recently gave me some serious advice about my own record attempt. I haven’t had time to [...]

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When Nothing Else Works!?

One day you wake up and realize you’ve read all the books, done all the workshops, taken all the advice and still nothing in your life is working. You wonder where the abundance is, that is so often talked about…the multiple streams of income that you desire, but are not flooding your way. Not even [...]

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The Price is Right!

Just doing my own market research as one does. The Eureka! Enigma is selling well over the world: Ebay, Amazon, Highest price so far $1,164.51 on I suppose he’ll get it…never figured out the pricing on Amazon. Loads of interest in the last few days from China, India, France, Bulgaria and of all [...]

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Getting Past the Noise!

So just what is the difference between doing and talking? It’s a good question especially when sometimes you have to be your own best salesman, and actually get out there and promote yourself. I’ve learned not to be shy and always put my best foot forward and step up to the plate and I learned [...]

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I always laugh when I see TV hospital shows and see the signs by the bedside that say NIL BY MOUTH. As an entrepreneur, author and marketeer I am amazed the way most books gets sold…through word of mouth. I have known this for a long time but only recently it has been driven home [...]

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