Feel Great! Feel Empowered!

Feel Great! Feel Empowered! Feel Good! Feel Strong! Feel Fantastic! Feel Everything! Many people live their entire lives blocking out their feelings because they have been hurt or don’t want to be let down. They live lives of quite desperation. However, with a little effort you can block out negative feelings and deliberately train yourself [...]

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Send a Fax

Years ago, when I was a young man, I received phone call from a good buddy. He knew I was a consummate salesman and proceeded to tell me all about this new device that was beginning to take off, called a fax machine. He told me I could make a fortune because every office and [...]

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When Nothing Else Works!?

One day you wake up and realize you’ve read all the books, done all the workshops, taken all the advice and still nothing in your life is working. You wonder where the abundance is, that is so often talked about…the multiple streams of income that you desire, but are not flooding your way. Not even [...]

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Wanobe.com, the online business knowledge market for SME

Wanobe.com, the online business knowledge market for small and mid sized businesses, has called for a national small business day to be set aside by the government as a way to celebrate the contribution of small business owners to the UK’s economy. “Small and mid sized businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy, together [...]

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