Do You Have Mexican crabs

Toward the end of my carpentry apprenticeship I decided to set up a motorcycle shop. Horror of horrors, one of the good old boys, Stan, desperately tried to stop me. “You’re time served carpenter, my boy and that’s what you’ll be for the rest of your life. You can’t serve time as carpenter and then [...]

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Make 2010 the best year yet…but how?

Ever considered getting a  mentor? Phone me, Ron G Holland direct and let's talk through your goals and aspirations for the coming year. Let's also talk about 'Mentoring with Bite' and 'Extreme Implementation'.  0208 613 0251 or email me on:  You can also find out more by clicking MENTORING on the above link.

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TALK & GROW RICH – How to Create Wealth Without Capital

The International bestseller By Ron G Holland Here is the first chapter: The complete book can be obtained from: CHAPTER 1 – THE PRINCIPLE OF POWER “When you become quiet, it just dawns on you.” – EDISON It is highly probable that you are reading these lines while browsing in one of America’s multitudinous [...]

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