I need to earn $5,000 a month…

....my visualizations aren’t working! Hi Ron, What I am trying to get at is $250 to $300 a day via Clickbank plus $5k a month in my paypal account, all generated online. Instead of drilling down, I find my mind wandering off to any far-flung corner as long as it hasn’t got much to do [...]

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Make 2010 the best year yet…but how?

Ever considered getting a  mentor? Phone me, Ron G Holland direct and let's talk through your goals and aspirations for the coming year. Let's also talk about 'Mentoring with Bite' and 'Extreme Implementation'.  0208 613 0251 or email me on: topbizguru@hotmail.com  You can also find out more by clicking MENTORING on the above link.

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Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu!

Debt is a good place to start building wealth! Many people have! Fully understand the enemy and you’ll fly. Consumer debt is usually where a ‘household’ gets into financial difficulty and has a fixed or no income. Stop over spending, learn how to budget, pay creditors back very slowly - on your terms – pace [...]

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THE PRACTICALITIES Here is the first chapter: The complete book can be obtained from: www.ronhollanddirect.com ROUND 1 The Fear Within Are you worried about your debts? Are you worried about what people will think if you go bankrupt or fail? Are you worried about what your friendsand the people close to you may think? You [...]

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