Love every minute, every day

My first mentor passed on lots of wisdom: If not you who? If not now when? Never skin yourself!  Pace yourself. Real business is to keep on going, even when it gets tough. Don’t sweat the small stuff - it’s all small stuff. And last, but certainly no means least, Love every minute, every day. [...]

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If not you, who? If not now, when?

I was fortunate enough to leave school at the age of fourteen. Not knowing too much I hasten to add, other than being completely dyslexic. My father insisted I get a trade and after a lot of hunting around actually signed up as an apprentice carpenter. Most of what I know is self-taught. Very quickly [...]

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Women are still having babies!

Women are still having babies! What do I mean by that? Simply this – nothing changes. You want something to happen, you get out there and make it happen! I was guest speaker on Sunday talking at a Publish and Promote your book conference and I was talking about testimonials. Most of the audience thought [...]

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Hungry for Success

I just got back from three incredible days in Bulgaria. Dimitar Taskov put on a great event, with lots of media coverage too. Dimitar did the simultaneous translation although many in the audience could speak good English. On finishing the Ultimate Mind Power – Eureka! Enigma workshop, Dimitar gave me some feedback from the audience. [...]

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