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If you have a question, this is your chance to get it answered. For a limited time only I've  opened up the floor for you to ask me any question you like: Personal development related: Mind power, Visualisation, Eurekas! Finance related: Raising capital, Wealth Creation, Making Money Make sure its a good one >> Click [...]

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Make 2010 the best year yet…but how?

Ever considered getting a  mentor? Phone me, Ron G Holland direct and let's talk through your goals and aspirations for the coming year. Let's also talk about 'Mentoring with Bite' and 'Extreme Implementation'.  0208 613 0251 or email me on:  You can also find out more by clicking MENTORING on the above link.

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Make cash, make it now and lots of it!

This FREE report is brought to you courtesy of Ron G Holland – Top Biz Guru and If you want to make cash you are not alone, everyone is seeking a way to make cash.  Some people have come up with fabulously outlandish schemes whilst others just roll up their sleeves and find easy [...]

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Fast ways to make money!

Fast Ways to Make Money – furiously! Bet that headline grabbed you, in our culture of instant gratification, speed seems to be of the essence.  How many ways fast ways to make money can you think of? And when you thought of them were they get rich quick ideas, ideas to make peanuts or big [...]

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Wealthy people create an impact!

Wealthy people create an impact! I was taking a workshop last week and we were all talking about memorable moments of impact. Most people in the room wrote down 911 as their memorable moment of impact and only few wrote down anything to do with sales, marketing or meeting people. I like to think I [...]

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Raising Money for SMEs

Many people live their entire lives blocking out their feelings because they have been hurt or don’t want to be let down. They live lives of quite desperation. However, with a little effort you can block out negative feelings and deliberately train yourself to flood your neurons, at a cellular level, with positive emotions. I [...]

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Alternative loans

Sometimes it pays to shop around for a car or debt consolidation loan. I recently heard about Zopa and have since heard lots of good things about them. Worth checking out and also reading what The Guardian has to say about them. If you use them or have used them let us know.

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Top Ten Tips for Raising Money

Personal Conviction.  cjz8na3fyp This is about psyching yourself up for success. You must spend time thinking yourself into the role you are going to play in order to convince others to lend you money. You can write the best business plan ever but at some stage your personality is what’s going to be assessed, even [...]

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