Start setting goals – even small ones!

Many of my workshop attendees don’t really set goals. They think they do, they know they should; but when we drill down, deep down, they begin realize they haven’t. They have often read all the books and done all the workshops. But it’s only when they have completed the Enigma training that they wake up [...]

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Getting Past the Noise!

So just what is the difference between doing and talking? It’s a good question especially when sometimes you have to be your own best salesman, and actually get out there and promote yourself. I’ve learned not to be shy and always put my best foot forward and step up to the plate and I learned [...]

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Synergistic Income Streams

What If You Could Raid The Brain of Millionaire Maker Ron Holland And Get Your Own Money-Making Blueprint From Him That Puts Lots of Money Into Your Pockets... Recession Or Not!” The CASH FLOW MAGIC WORKSHOP just got better....times ten! You can’t afford to miss this life-changing wealth-building day. It’s a mind blowing experience! GO [...]

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If what you are doing isn’t working…..

If what you are doing isn’t working….. Do you realise most folk go through life with a formula that isn’t  working…Wow! What a revelation! The canny ones of course, keep chopping and changing and starting up new businesses until they click with something that works…then they work hard at snowballing that up and reap the [...]

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Money right now on ClickBank …

...they send you cheque/checks direct! We now have cheques coming in from ClickBank and really want you to be part of this... Here is the site we are promoting: You get you own clickbank links: replace XXXXXX  with your clickbank nick name eg >> If you put in: cash flow secrets      into [...]

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