Create wealth, whether you are ready or not! I often hear my ten year old daughter Kay, screaming around the house to her friends, “Ready of not, here I come !” and I am minded to think about entrepreneurs or would-be-entrepreneurs springing into action and starting their own business – whether they are ready or not. The time will never be quite right; the idea or plan will never be perfect, you may not have sufficient capital – but begin anyway. Action is the key to the brains ignition and when you begin the doors will start to open. At a recent workshop, I was telling the audience that when I started my first motorcycle shop all I had was the first weeks rent and half way through that very long week I really thought I was going to go bankrupt. However, by the weekend I had sold a motorbike and taken in some money for some small repairs that I had carried out and now had the next weeks rent – and never looked back. I ended up with the largest chain of motorcycle shops in London and accidentally picked up two furniture shops and a forty-bedroom hotel on the way!