Creating wealth quickly and legally


Apart from selling sordid secrets or appearing on outrageous reality programmes, there are some meaningful ways you can learn How to make quick money.  If how to make quick money is what you are interested in, then I have a gem for you….

How to make quick money with Penny Shares. Buy shares in early stage and start up companies about a year before they IPO. Although this is a risky investment strategy because it is at the idea stage, it is also the only part of an investment strategy where this works effectively, because of the huge number of Shares involved. The number of shares that you receive for your money allows you to sell a goodly number out at the IPO stage. That mechanism allows you to get out with a cash profit and keep a sufficient number of Shares that could still make you stinking rich. And this really is the secret of the ages! Here’s a few more tips on how to make quick money…

 How to make quick money in retailing. Some items sell quicker than others and create massive quick money for their owners. Ice cream, gasoline, hot cakes, liquor, fast food, flowers…got the idea? How to make quick money selling. Set yourself up as a salesperson selling used cars, real estate or advertizing space. Salespersons are always in big demand!

How to make quick money selling fast food and beer. Come up with your own unique take on pizza, mexican, salad bar, sandwiches, subs. It’s not just about the flavor and recipe it’s more about the ambience, fashion, branding, marketing and location! How to make quick money by supplying a service there is a big demand for. House and office cleaning, gardening and lawn mowing, window and car cleaning. Do some research… get the idea?

How to make quick money by finding a need and filling it. Drive around your local neighborhood and observe what is missing. Then spring into action and offer it! How to make quick money in scrap metal. Non-ferrous metal prices have never been higher and there is scrap everywhere to be found.

How to make quick money selling bankrupt stock. The secret is to buy in bulk (in the 1000s) at massively drop down prices (5cents on the dollar) and then sell the items individually (or in tens) for a good profit. At 10cents each you’re still doubling your money. How to make quick money, by helping a near-bankrupt company turn-around. Play your cards right and you’ll become a 50-50 partner.

How to make quick money in mail order. Some mail order businesses are flourishing. Sex toys, books, business information products, really good newsletters and products that are just too embarrassing to buy over the counter. Use your imagination! How to make quick money using your own creativity. People who come up with brilliant ideas and how to market them usually make the quickest money. Start visualizing and meditating more. Set intermediate goals and start accomplishing them.

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