Creating wealth – the secret of traction!


I love ‘buzzwords’ and indeed I’ve even created a few of my own. However, the one I want to talk about today is ‘traction,’ especially in conjunction with creating wealth. To gain traction you need to make sure that your products or services are gaining ground in the market place and by doing this you will create sufficient sales to cover your overheads and make a profit. Once you’ve gained real traction you’ll be making ‘excess profits’ and that’s when you begin to create real wealth. Of course the real secret to ‘traction’ is imbedded in the word, TR-ACTION.  So you know what you’ve got to do right! Want to know more…


Gain traction by developing cost effective marketing campaigns. Test, test, test and you can do this by starting with very small-classified adverts to test the pulling power and effectiveness of certain words.

Get your employees and team set on accomplishing certain goals and sales targets. Talk in terms of ‘gaining more traction’ and exactly what has to be done in order to do so. The more people become aware of how their performance actually helps gain traction, the more they will be encouraged to help.

Show the team demonstrable results of gaining traction, even if they are small. If you can show them orders as they come in, or press articles or advertisements as they appear in the press, this all helps create a big picture. There is nothing more demoralizing than working away and not seeing movement in the right direction.

More activity in every single marketing area is a sure-fire way to increase traction. The big secret then is to analyse the top five marketing methods and then maximise the energy and resources into those.

Make sure your team doesn’t become despondent because the sales results don’t appear immediately. Make them aware of lead times and how long it takes for activity and energy to convert into tangible results.

Becoming wealthy depends a lot on stamina, and your persistence in a certain market place to gain the traction that you need. Make sure you pace yourself and direct your energy onto the things that are really making a difference.

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