Do You Have Mexican crabs


Toward the end of my carpentry apprenticeship I decided to set up a motorcycle shop. Horror of horrors, one of the good old boys, Stan, desperately tried to stop me. “You’re time served carpenter, my boy and that’s what you’ll be for the rest of your life. You can’t serve time as carpenter and then go into the motorcycle industry, have you gone mad!?” Needless to say I rolled right over the top of him and set up my first bike shop the day I finished my apprenticeship. I quickly got seven more, and accidentally picked up two furniture shops and a forty bedroom hotel on the way! I never looked back! Where do Mexican crabs fit into the story. Well, I’m lead to believe that in Mexico, in the market place, they have huge wicker baskets full of crabs. The baskets have no lids but none the crabs ever escape. The minute a crab clambers toward to top of the basket all his mates hang on his legs drag him back into the basket and down to their own level.

Had a great email chat with Rocky Robinson yesterday. He’s the current world motorcycle speed record holder at 360 miles per hour. What a great guy…

Nice piece came out in Daily Record. Good review of The Eureka Enigma in New Business and also three photo shoots set up for next week. Onward and Upward!

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