Easy money – what’s it all about?


Easy Money  flows like water down a hill, once you are in the stream. Easy money, comes about by doing things that you love.  Easy money comes when you are in the zone. Easy money comes when you go with the flow. Easy money comes when you program yourself to attract it! So let’s look at these and a few more concepts that will allow easy money to flow into our lives. Easy money comes to those who set goals and actively back those plans up with never ending action. Action is the key to the brains ignition! Easy money comes to those who apply mind power.

A daily does of meditation and visualization is required if you are seriously wanting to attract easy money. If you can ‘see’ it you can be it! Easy money comes to those who actively pursue business opportunities and actually try to start some of them. Easy money comes to those who teaches others: Can you teach people the piano or guitar or some other musical instrument? Could you teach people some specific computer program, maths or elocution.  Do you have skills that would enable you to teach ballet, dancing, singing or to act? Can you teach people how to juggle or be a clown or how to meditate or mediate or drive?  Teach and grow rich!

Easy money comes to those who put up their heads to be shot at. In other words, get out in the real stream of life and stop trying to protect yourself from failure, rejection and criticism. Easy money comes to those who spend time researching multiple streams of income until they click into one that really suits their own aptitude. Easy money comes to those who give more energy to their dreams and goals than they do their fears! Easy money comes to those who never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit!Easy money comes to those who start to listen to their ‘small still voice’ and start tapping into their creative powers and following through on those hunches.

Easy money comes to those who firmly believe that one has to give a value for money product or service in exchange for the easy money they wish to attract. Easy money flows like an un-damned river to those who know they can create their own success ideas, (Eurekas!) and turn them into money! The knowing comes only by visualizing ones goals on a daily basis.

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