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Many of the programs that we have in our biocomputers were placed there by well-meaning parents or teachers or are there as a result of our environments. Many of these programs will work in direct opposition to the goals that we have set for ourselves. We have already touched on self-defeating behavior, subconscious death wishes and self-destruct programs that time and time again, rob us of victory just when the spoils come into view. In talking about success, I have to talk about failure so you can really tap into the power that will take you to the top and beyond!

Many years ago I had a big deal coming together. To close this deal, I would have to go to the United States. I’d never been there before, but I had a good idea of what it looked like from all the films that I’d seen and everything that I’d read. I didn’t have the money to get myself to America and at the time such a trip seemed daunting to say the least. I’d never even flown before! Every night I drove out to London Airport and looked at the Jumbo jets. I could ‘see’ myself getting on a Jumbo jet and flying to America. I could ‘see’ myself land in New York, I ‘saw’ myself, in my imagination, go up the eighty seven floors, at the address I had, go through the doors and the man offered me the money for my deal.

I have to tell you the full story. Next night, what did I do? I drove out to London Airport again, I ‘saw’ myself get on the Jumbo jet, fly to New York, I could ‘see’ myself in New York; I had on a white suit, crocodile shoes and I went up the eighty seven floors in the skyscraper, through the doors and the man offered me the money for the deal. The imagination is truly the workshop of the mind. Don’t laugh, but the next night I did the same thing. I drove out to London Airport. I ‘saw’ myself fly to America. I ‘saw’ myself land in New York.


I had on a white suit, crocodile shoes and I was carrying a brand new brief case. (My visualization was getting clearer!) I went up the eighty seven floors in the elevator, through the doors and the man offered me the money for the deal. Then all of a sudden one day, Wham! Bingo! Eureka! I came up with a way of getting the money to get me to America, I bought my ticket, I was finally on my way. Not only’ did I have the air fare, but I was motivated into action! The visualizing had ended, the dreaming had ended, and the reality had begun! This is a true story! I found myself on a Jumbo jet flying to America.

This was the real thing. No more role-playing. No more visualizing. It was very exciting. I landed in New York, what do you think I ‘c, was wearing? (This is where my seminar audiences shout out “pyjamas” because they think I’m still daydreaming) I had on a white suit, crocodile shoes and a brand new brief case. I went up those eighty seven floors, just like I had visualized so many times, I went through the doors and the man offered me the money for the deal. I’ll tell you exactly what he told me, it was sheer magic! He said “We love your product so much we’ll give you $125,000 up front for signing a contract. We love your product so much we’ll give you a $200,000 advertising budget and here is a complete list of all the things that we will do for you.”

I couldn’t believe my own ears! What do you think I did next? Yes! You got it in one! I BLEW IT! My biocomputer found so many reasons why I should not sign that deal. I made up all sorts of feeble and lame excuses. I made up some other excuses that were not so feeble and were not so lame, but they still had the same end result, I BLEW THE DEAL! I walked out of that office with my tail between my legs and it took me a long time to get over the loss of the money and the loss of my self-confidence and self-esteem.

After a lot of soul searching I came up with the answer why I blew the deal. Since then I have recouped my losses many times over and I have helped thousands of people all over the world with my biocomputer seminars. Let’s examine in detail the program that I carefully impregnated into the electro-chemicals that made up my biocomputer program. I drove to London Airport every night. That part happened! I ‘saw’ myself flying to America. That part happened! I ‘saw’ myself land in New York. That part happened! I ‘saw’ myself in the white suit, crocodile shoes and a brand new brief case. That part happened! (I wish that part had never happened, when I saw some of the looks I was getting, and those stretch limos kept pulling up next to me and the guys inside were asking me the weirdest questions! You just don’t wear a white suit and crocodile shoes in New York!)

I ‘saw’ myself go up the eighty seven floors, in the elevator. That part happened! I ‘saw’ myself go through the doors and the man offered me the money for my deal. That part happened! In actual fact everything happened exactly how I had visualized it! So what went wrong? What was wrong was the fact that I did not visualize signing the contract or getting the check. I had come to the end of the program in my biocomputer. There was no track for me to run on.

When the man offered me the money I could hardly believe my own ears! I was lost for words. I did what I always did, which was, in many cases, not move ahead in life, keep myself at a level where I felt comfortable at, not do the best thing for myself, self-destruct, self-defeating behavior. I did all that automatically because that was my program. That was the track that I had been running on for years. My biocomputer never let me down. My biocomputer has never let me down. Neither has yours! Your biocomputer will take you to exactly where you program it for.


When the program ends, the journey ends, simple as that. No ifs or buts about it. If you come to the end of a program that is in your biocomputer, whether it was inserted by yourself or some other person that is the point in your life when you come to a GRINDING HALT! Many times life appears to be like a game of snakes and ladders. You go up the ladders when things are going well. You slide down the snakes when things are going badly. (You may know this game as chutes and ladders but the principle is just the same)

I have done enough work now, both on my own biocomputer programs and the programs of literally thousands of other people who have attended my biocomputer seminars to know that all the time you are relaxing and visualizing the future exactly as you want it, you will be going up the ladders. The minute you stop relaxing and stop visualizing the future as you desire, you slide down the snakes. Have you ever noticed in your own life, you’re either moving toward your goals very quickly or sliding away from them very quickly. That is the effect I’m talking about. How many times in your life have you got so far with a project then quit? You quit at the point where you I saw’ yourself with that particular project.

How many businessmen have started a business, many times without capital, against the wishes of the family, overcome all the objections and financial problems, only to fail two or three years down the road? I guarantee you failed at the exact point where your dream ran out. You came to the end of the program in your biocomputer and you came to a GRINDING HALT. How many people have had relationships that run for two or three years? Many men and women have lots of relationships that run for two or three years. Many couples have relationships that run for five years or seven years. That is their pattern. That is the program they have in their biocomputers. As soon as the program ends, the relationship ends.

If you want to have long term relationships, what you must do of course, is visualize over and over again the future with your partner. Visualize over and over again all the things you will do together, the building of a home and a family, the vacations, the schools your children will be attending. Everything, in detail. Fail to do this and you’ll go down one of the snakes. Practice visualization and you’ll keep moving onward and upward, up those ladders!

While we are on the subject of relationships I want to point out another aspect of the biocomputer. Because the biocomputer is extremely powerful it really will take you to your goal, providing you have programmed it correctly. If you and your partner have different dreams and aspirations you will have two very powerful computers pulling in two different directions and the breakup of the relationship will be inevitable. By far the best way is to constantly talk & communicate about your dreams and aspirations and goals and plans to one another. Even if you don’t agree on everything all of the time, at least you will have the information in the biocomputer, which in turn will process it, and assimilate it and come up with viable options that make for a happy and harmonious future together.

The same would go for business partnerships. If you keep swapping ideas and keep your partner informed of the way you ‘see’ forward for the business, and what it is that you’ see’ accomplishing with the business you will both end up with the same programs in your biocomputer, you will end up working with each other, not against each other, which happens in so many partnerships.

Back to my unfortunate and expensive New York experience. What I do now is to visualize that not only I am getting the offer for my deal, but I also visualize that I am signing the contract, getting the check, paying the check into my bank, cashing the check, and going out and buying a Rolls Royce. (Which is exactly what I did with the money I made on my last deal.) I have also learnt that to overcome the snakes and ladder effect, what you must do, to keep moving onward and upward, is to keep setting new goals all the time.

The biocomputer is teleological. It is goal seeking. If you fail to keep programming it with new goals you will keep sliding down the snakes. Just out of interest, so you have a chance to compare yourself with others. At the end of my biocomputer seminars I am always deluged with people who want to get autographs, ask questions and give thanks. I am constantly thanked for showing people the New York deal, obviously many people have got so far with a deal or a project only to have it collapse on them at the crucial moment.

See if these stories apply to things that have happened (or are happening) in your own life and see if you can get yourself beyond the point of collapse by visualizing the outcome that you desire. Many people visualize getting a dream house or a dream auto. Many students of success go to the automobile show rooms and test drive the auto of their dreams. Others get the real estate agents to take them around the mansions with the landscaped gardens and the indoor and outdoor pools. They put the appropriate input into the biocomputer and in due course the output comes. They end up with the dream house or dream auto very quickly.


Many people are equally shocked, when they get evicted from the dream house or the dream auto gets repossessed, just as quickly, because they had been unable to keep up the monthly payments. I have interviewed many such people and they told me “I knew it couldn’t last” or better still, “I saw it coming!” If you don’t visualize things properly you are doomed to get only what you have programmed into the biocomputer.

Remember once the biocomputer has completed YOUR INSTRUCTIONS it says to itself MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. What you should do, when visualizing the dream house or dream auto is also visualize a way of creating an income to pay for the monthly installment. Or better still put a program into your biocomputer that ‘sees’ you paying for the house or auto with one cash payment, so there are no monthly installments. What people do when their businesses start to fail, is they start visualizing checks bouncing and the bailiff coming in the front door and themselves going out the back door. They ‘see’ their businesses going from bad to worse, they ‘see’ their cash flow drying up, they ‘see’ themselves standing in the bankruptcy court and they ‘see’ themselves having to sell off all their assets.

In actual fact, they put such a clear and powerful program into their biocomputers it becomes a track to run on, a self-fulfilling prophecy. In actual fact the only antidote to failure is to visualize very clearly and concisely exactly what you want to happen in the future. You have to ‘see’ orders coming in. You actually have to ‘see’ cash in your hip pocket and in your bank account. You have to ‘see’ products walking out of the store. You. have to ‘see’ your cash flow improving. You have to put the program into your biocomputer, success too, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Please learn it, sooner rather than later. Input equals output! How many books are available on diet and losing weight? Thousands! How many people would just love to lose weight, they’ve bought all the books, they’ve tried every diet. But what happens? Nothing, or worse still, you lose weight only to rapidly gain more than you lost! You have to understand a little about the biocomputer to lose weight. It’s simple. As a busy entrepreneur I don’t get a lot of time to watch a lot of videos, but when I do, I enjoy it. I like Clint Eastwood. I’ve got all the videos. I like escapism. Let me give you a scenario of me trying to lose weight! I have a goal ‘I have lost twenty pounds’, I start watching Clint Eastwood.

Every time I see him, his gun gets bigger and bigger. He’s saying the same old stuff, “Make my day, punk.” Don’t you love it? In my imagination I begin to wonder if my housekeeper has got in my favorite cheeses. Clint Eastwood chases the guy down the road, I’d swear his gun gets bigger during the course of the actual movie. My imagination is I ‘seeing’ pictures of my favorite crackers. Clint Eastwood is kicking the door open. He’s got this enormous cannon in his hand. I’m wondering to myself, “I wonder if there are any prawns in the refrigerator.”

In my imagination I’ve created a gourmet snack! Before I know where I am I’ve forgotten all about Clint Eastwood. I’ve lurched myself out of the comfy chair, I’ve practically ripped the door off the refrigerator. I’ve got out the prawns and the cheeses and I’ve got down the crackers. I pick up a Budweiser for good measure. (I lied about that, I pick up a six pack for good measure!) I go back to my hero, but alas, the video has just come to an end. My imagination has just got me again. The pictures win every time.

If you really want to lose weight, the only way to do it, is to program in words and pictures that match! You actually have to ‘see’ yourself eating the correct food, see’ yourself doing the correct exercising and’ see’ yourself being the right weight! You have to control your right computer otherwise it will control you! Comprende? How many thousands of people would be public speakers, actors or actresses or singers or public performers but they can’t possibly, because they suffer from ‘stage fright’. They can’t ‘see’ themselves standing up in front of an audience and performing.

It doesn’t matter if the world needs to hear what you have to say, it doesn’t matter if your message is timely and topical. If you can’t ‘see’ yourself up on stage because your imagination (right computer) is controlling you, then you have little or no hope of becoming a public performer until such time as you care to control your pictures. Smokers try to quit smoking every day of the week. Lots of companies are making big bucks teaching people how to stop smoking. The real key of course lies in the imagination, in the biocomputer.


Most people say to themselves that they’ll quit. They go right on smoking and they can’t understand why. What they do is simple. They keep affirming (verbal, left computer) they’ll quit smoking. They go into it, room full of people and they’ll keep telling themselves verbally that they don’t smoke, they’re nonsmokers and they’ve quit. However at the same time they’re doing this they are imagining what a cigarette tastes like. They can’ see’ themselves smoking. They may not have brought any cigarettes with them but they can ‘see’ themselves going up to someone and saying “I don’t suppose I could bum a cigarette off you, I’ve quit really but these meetings give me bad nerves?”

The next moment has them puffing away merrily. The pictures win every time. If you really want to quit smoking you have to get your right computer under control. If you don’t control it, it’ll control you, like it’s been doing for years! Many people from all walks of life, come to a plateau in their lives. They have simply come to the end of the programs in their biocomputers. They have accomplished all the things that they have’ seen’ themselves doing. If this applies to you, and you want to move onward and upward, all you have to do is start relaxing and visualizing the future as you desire it. Start impregnating the electrochemicals with visions of what you want for the future.

Create a program for your biocomputer to run on. You will be taken there, automatically and furthermore you’ll travel first class, if that’s what you visualize! There are two main programs that affect the way we either survive or surthrive. (Surthrivers not only survive tough economic climates but they thrive in them!) The two programs are ‘guns’ and ‘butter’. ‘Guns’, because they are solid and are around for a long time and ‘butter’ because it melts and dissipates into nothingness. The survivors by virtue of their biocomputer programs waste all their money on ‘butter’ items.

They splurge their money on things that dissipate. Things like holidays, cheap cars, clothing, rent, cheap jewelry, dinners out, entertainment, lotto tickets. In other words they never have anything to show for their money, it’s just frittered away, it melts, just like butter. ‘Butter’ items are things that depreciate in value! The surthrivers invest their money on totally different things. They are programmed differently.

They invest their money on ‘guns’ items. They invest their money in homes, mortgages, antique paintings, books, coin collections, gold, antique jewelry, businesses, further education, plant, equipment, machinery, Rolls Royce’s, things that don’t dissipate, things that are going to be around for a long time. ‘Guns’ items are things that appreciate in value! If you have ever wondered why some people make it and why others don’t. What you have just seen here is a major difference between success and failure. The most amazing thing about it is that the real difference comes back down to deeply rooted biocomputer programs that can be changed!


Australia: Susan, “For the first time in my life I can see why I keep failing. Every time I reach a goal I just stop and rest on my laurels. As you say I keep sliding down snakes. When I get to the bottom, I get bored and start looking for new things to do. I always get to the top very quickly, no matter whose branch I join, I’m always the top sales person. What I’ve learned more than anything is the reason why I come to grinding halts. And that it’s my own fault, not anyone else’s.”

Singapore: Kishore, “Even when things have been going well for me I tend to start visualizing the bad times that I’ve known. What I realize I have to do is use my concentration and my will power to stop me bringing back those bad things to mind. I can see that I have been very lackadaisical in my approach to reprogramming my biocomputer. I haven’t been consistent. I always get serious about putting programs in when I’m at rock bottom, when I have nowhere to turn. As soon as I progress upwards I ease up on the programming. In future I will make an all-out effort to keep visualizing more and more when I begin to succeed. All out massive effort for all out massive profit:’

USA: Max, “For years I’ve hung out with Hells Angels and I’ve never had a bike. If you like I’ve allowed myself to be the village idiot, I’ve even told myself I’m an idiot at times. I have affirmed it over and over, I’ve even felt like an idiot. Today I’ve come to realize I’m not an idiot and I want to thank Ron Holland for that. In future I will be taking on various seminars and classes to start improving myself. As Ron says input equals output. I’ve got that one Ron! The output that I’ve been getting has been nobody’s fault but mine, but I intend to change it, Ron Holland thank you once again.”

USA: Connie, “I have tried in the past to be positive and insert proper programs. What I’ve got out of today is simple. I can see that if my negative program is made up of ten million neurons and that’s what I’m running on, I have to put in a positive program of maybe twenty million neurons, or even thirty million neurons, to overcome the negativity. In the past I’ve given up on my affirmations without giving them a chance.”

England: Maxwell, “I’ve seen Ron Holland speak three times now and every time he gets better and better and I learn something new each time. Incredible stuff! I had a thought come to me today about one of my programs about losing weight. I’ve been trying to lose weight for ages now and I’ve finally found yet another part of my negative programming. Where I work there are always free candies, cookies and pastries that are left over from various clients. We are allowed to help ourselves to these. I have come to realize my program has nothing to do with food or with hunger. It has to do with the food being FREE. When I was a child we were very poor and I was programmed to think in terms of getting things for FREE. I can actually feel myself salivate when I know those FREE goodies are around. That one program has taught me that we have other programs in us that cause self-defeating behavior that aren’t at all obvious.”

USA: Tommy, “I can relate to your description of going out of business because that’s what’s happening to me right at this moment. It has happened before and you’re right I actually ‘saw’ my company go bust before it did. This time around the same thing is happening, it seems to be the story of my life. I hope I I have caught it in time. I will definitely visualize myself out of the situation. That’s how I got myself into it.”

USA: Marie, “Like many other kids, when I was a child, I was badly abused. I must have had some terrible programs inserted into me because I’ve been married three times now, always to a drunk and I always get beaten. I’m sure it must be my fault but what I’ve got out of this weekend is that I don’t need to understand those programs, what they are, or who inserted them, as long I visualize programs that are more powerful, of what I really want. In the past I’ve just gone along with whatever felt right at the time and all I’ve ever had is problems. The time has arrived for me to take control and start getting out of life exactly what I want.”

Australia: Mark, “I am already a millionaire and you’re right, it took me a lot longer than the anticipated five years, however that’s not why I’m here today. I heard that your seminar was the best and I’m not disappointed. I’ll tell you a story. I’ve been married three times and I have three separate families. Not one of those women did I love, but every time someone came into my life I’d marry them. In my business life I have always set goals and accomplished most of 72 them by using your techniques, as you say, intuitively. What I intend to do now is program for the person of my choice, someone who really likes the things that I like doing so we have something in common.”

USA: Sid, “The description of guns and butter you gave was good. I have always spent everything on butter and I’ve got nothing to show for it. But I also have a lot of friends who have made it and you’re absolutely right. I can visualize their homes and life styles right now, very easily, and in my imagination I can see all their guns.”

USA: Joe, “I’ve come to a grinding halt man so many times it’s not funny. I have come to realize that when you program your mind, sorry, I mean biocomputer, you have to be very careful to tell it what you really want not just what you think you want, because it can’t tell the difference. I can see hundreds of cases of people getting autos or homes or yachts and businesses and not keeping them. You have to program your biocomputer not just to get you the thing but to keep you the thing, man, it’s crazy, but I like it!”

Australia: Don, “When I was really down and out and bust my mate offered me the use of his four wheel drive, which was a really nice thing for him to do. I told him where to shove it. Fair Dinkum! I was running such a negative program the words just came out automatically.”

USA: Ron, “I have read hundreds of books about motivation and visualizing, but not one of them brought it home to me that you actually have to create the pictures in the chemicals. I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong.”

USA: Charlie, “All this time I’ve been telling myself that I want to be rich and I haven’t been visualizing it. I’ve been very unhappy for twenty years because I can see I have two computers pulling in totally different directions. What I really want is a little cottage in the country where I can write songs and play my recorder and now I know I can get them easily.”

USA: Reg, “As of today I have really stopped smoking because I can actually ‘see’ what it looks like to be a non-smoker. I’m using you as a role model.”

England: Bruce, “I can visualize very clearly but I’ve never really put the faculty to use because I didn’t know how. It wasn’t obvious to me 73 that you could think into the future about what would happen and that would put a program into your biocomputer.”

England: Jill, “I have never visualized because I was told it was evil and one must not play around with the mind. Obviously that’s wrong. I wonder how many other people have been told the same thing.”

USA: Cynthia, “If I had a dollar for every time I had come to a grinding halt I would be a millionaire right now. I’ve started lots of projects and came to a grinding halt on all of them. I wish I’d known this before. I guarantee the next project will make me a million because this time I’ll program to see it through until the end.”

USA: Jay, “I must be a classic case for you. I have accomplished many things, luxury house at Newport Beach, condo in Miami, two Ferrari’s, various businesses. I always get what I’ve programmed for very quickly. Like Ron says, sometimes so quickly it frightens you. Then all of a sudden you lose it and have to start from scratch. Now I know you have to keep programming and never stop!”

USA: Henry, “Knowing what I know now I can see that I have talked myself out of hundreds of deals and opportunities.”

USA: Randy, “I can see my big mistake has always been blaming other people for my mistakes, when really and truly my own biocomputer programs have been out of control.”

Australia: Carl, “Everything I have ever done has been with an inappropriate program. Where have you been all my life?”


  1. Many of the failure programs we have were inserted by wellmeaning parents and teachers, but have absolutely no correlation to the goals that we have set ourselves.
  2. If you have a failure program in your biocomputer you will run on that program automatically, until you replace it with a more powerful program.
  3. When your program comes to an end, you will come to a GRINDING HALT!
  4. When your biocomputer reaches the end of its program it says,‘Mission Accomplished’ and stops working.
  5. We must keep programming new goals all the time, we must not become complacent or we will slide down the snakes.
  6. Take a look at your programs in detail. Do you have ‘butter’ programs or ‘guns’ programs?
  7. Failures lose their vision and slide down the snakes!
  8. Successful people hone up their visions and go up the ladders!

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