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The Fear Within
Are you worried about your debts? Are you worried about what people will think if you go bankrupt or fail? Are you worried about what your friendsand the people close to you may think?

You are wasting your time worrying about it. If you want to worry about something; try lung cancer; hundreds of people die from that every year. Or how about a car accident? What about having your house burgled. I am not trying to be morbid. What I am showing you is how silly you can be. If you’re going to have a car accident, it just happens, bang, crash, wallop and it’s all over. But I can hear you say to me, “How do I stop worrying, it’s me that has got all the debts” – My answer is, that you’ve got to get your attitude and your mind right…and that’s just the beginning !!!

Financial Kung Fu Masters Meditate…They really do! Let me demystify meditation.
Think of it this way. The mind is a problem solving computer and solution provider when it is in a natural and relaxed state called Alpha. Unfortunately constant worry and pressure of debt keeps your mind up in a fast and unproductive state called Beta and in this state you will never be able to solve problems or become creative.

If your mind is in constant turmoil it will be very beneficial for you to meditate every day. That is slowing your brainwave frequency down to the Alpha level. The idea is to stop, even if only temporarily, the constant internal dialogue that goes through your mind. i.e. all the worries about bailiffs, debts and the day to day aggro of fire fighting.

Twice a day, discipline yourself to ten or fifteen minutes, where you imagine positive outcomes for yourself. For this to be effective ensure you are in a relaxed Alpha state at the same time. This can be achieved in a number of ways. You can of course sit cross legged and stare at a candle flame, but it is probably easier to let go when you are washing the dishes, enjoying some gardening or briskly walking in the country. Some people slip into the altered state of Alpha by driving fast, taking a long shower or simply scraping the wallpaper off the wall. Ten or fifteen minutes a day “of imagining positive outcomes” will get you where you want to be. As they say in the east, by going out of our minds for ten minutes a day we come to our senses. Meditation and its benefits are best described in Talk and Grow Rich and Turbo Success, both of which are in the Millionaires Bookshelf Series. Over the years meditation has been a key to my own success … so much so, I am now known as the Mystic Millionaire.

What you need is practical advice and workable solutions!
The information contained in this program will not be revealed to you by any of your professional advisers. The information here is the real nitty gritty about solving debt problems from a practical standpoint, shared by someone who has not only lived through it but turned those early disasters into sustained success.

Your accountant deals with the figures in your business. He will reduce your Income Tax liability by all legal means. Your solicitor will tell you about the legalities of things that can and cannot be done in your business. The bank manager will deal with what is on the surface, the monies going through various accounts that he can physically see.

After listening to this audio program, you will from then on, deal with the practicalities of your business and personal finances. What is actually happening and when. The best definition of business, as defined by none other than loquacious Seamus O’Rourke himself is “business is when you are in trouble, creditors chasing you, cheques bouncing, the bank manager reducing your overdraft, having to go out and drum up business and jobs when you haven’t enough work on, getting the cash really flowing, building up the stock and cash reserves, putting in long hours yourself to save that extra wage, all this is real business”. If it were not, everybody would be in business, everybody would be a millionaire! So remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!

The majority of business people these days are taking far too much money out of their business or personal incomes and not putting enough work and effort into them. The first step you must take in your business is to know exactly where you stand. You probably don’t, so you must draw up a long list of your creditors and debtors, your liabilities and your assets. Most business people only have monthly bank statements; the most successful business people I know have weekly statements, and they also phone every day for the balance of their accounts. They know exactly where they stand financially, whatever the time of day or night!

So many times, people tot up what they have in their business accounts and in their pockets, and they think they are O.K. Then they get a nasty shock when a cheque bounces – they have usually forgotten the cheques that have been in the post, or post dated cheques they issued way back and have only just been presented to the bank. They haven’t yet got into the habit of balancing their cheque books. You must keep accurate records of the practicalities of your business and domestic finances. The cheques you have written, the money that has been paid in, the money that is expected in by Friday. Oh Yes, the actualities and the practicalities are so different from the theory laid down in business and management studies.

One of the funniest things about people who are in debt, is that generally, they think that the first, and only solution to getting out of debt, is to borrow more money either to pay the debts, buy materials, stock, to get them over a sticky patch they are going through, or to tide them Over while they have no orders or work. Think about it. Are you the same? It’s totally impractical and illogical to borrow money to get out of debt! What does your instinct tell you? It can’t be right, it must be wrong. There must be another solution. There is, and I’ll show it to you.

You are capable of more output, and in the future you are to think, work, and play harder. And with that, I’ll guarantee your days will be happier, richer, and more rewarding, both materially and mentally.


1.Don’t panic…. Meditate. All Financial Kung Fu Masters learn how to relax and meditate. I have already mentioned this necessary practice in this opening round. You can also gain further insights from my international bestseller, “Talk and Grow Rich” and from “Turbo Success” both of which are in my Millionaires Bookshelf Series.

2.Creditors will have to be paid back very slowly, a little bit at a time. This is known as pacing the creditors. You’ll also learn how to communicate and come to amicable arrangements with them…

3.Debtors’ monies will have to be collected very quickly. You’ll learn how to get money in ahead of time and get debt monies collected within say, 15 days … as opposed to 90 days or over.

4.Fixed overheads and expenses will be ruthlessly slashed wherever possible. You’ll learn how to become a hatchet man par-excellence!

5.The profit margin will be dramatically increased to put your business on a proper footing.

6.Turnover will be dramatically increased. A new way of trading will be established, the trend being towards labour intensive work, no capital outlay, and high profitability. You’ll budget and keep detailed track of your business affairs.

7.Get real! From now on you will be dealing with realities, not theories! New ways of setting up deals and contracts will be established, and a new way of thinking will be employed. You’ll learn how to think for yourself. Goods are to be obtained on a sale or return, or a cash basis. Under no circumstances will goods on credit or borrowed money ever come into your business again…

8.You will break through the vicious circle. By adopting these methods of Financial Kung Fu, for fighting for your survival and never giving up, you will be keeping strong powerful opponents off balance. Always being one step ahead of them and taking the initiative.

9.You will become a Financial Kung Fu Master! Spring into action with the ideas from this material and the ideas that will stimulate your own mind. You’ll learn valuable, information that will be crucial for your Financial Kung Fu strategy. Play this material over and over again, in your car, at home and at work… Spaced repetition makes learning from audio programs work, and really sink deep into ones subconscious mind! An obvious question that is frequently asked is this, “I have no assets at all, just a pile of debts and liabilities. Should I go into voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy?” My answer is always the same… never give up without a fight! The point is that you will never gain valuable business acumen and knowledge by not fighting to the bitter end. You will never know what might have happened had you stuck it out. You will never really learn how much work one can do in business. You must be careful not to use the privilege of bankruptcy to clear small amounts of debt. I liken that that to using a sledgehammer to kill a flea.

Many clients who had consulted with me too late, said, knowing what they know now, they would have rather fought their way of out of debt than go bankrupt for such a small amount. The lessons to be learned by getting a business out of debt are so profitable, that it is worth taking a mental note that most self made millionaires have, at one stage or another, been through the mill of being badly in debt at some point in their lives.

This round’s over! You may be down, but you’re certainly not out! Now get in there and fight, Using the, tactics set out in the next round, will allow you to buy precious time!

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