‘Focus’ on Wealth Creation


I know that I have addressed this before but I still see far too many people using up their precious days on unproductive trivia and not getting down to the business of making money and creating wealth.

 A good exercise is to indulge in just a little self-analysis to see where the hours in a day go and only you can do this if you are brutally honest with yourself. I think it is highly likely that you may be using up a lot of precious time answering emails (many of them petty) and Facebook and other Internet activities that are like a hypnotic drug and you wake up to find valuable ‘wealth creating hours’ have just vanished. Try to find a way to answer email maybe just once or twice a day and then spend the rest of your time selling, in confrontation time with qualified clients, pitching them on an absolute specific sales proposition. Spend time developing your product or marketing plans and increasing sales – relentlessly. If you still have time over, don’t default back into Internet mode, but look at ways of slashing your overheads and keep doing this every business day for the rest of your life. If you’ve still got time to spare go deep go into your mind and start picturing exactly where you want to go, big picture stuff. Stop kidding yourself and start dreaming!

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