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The Eureka! Enigma, has brought with it a deluge of thanks you letters, enquires and requests for further help. This is typical and through this blog I will try to answer as many questions as possible…

I have followed your philosophy for many, many years. I have had more eurekas than I can count, and some were VERY BIG ideas. However I am struggling with the action side of things, and find my self destruct mode still comes to the fore no matter how hard I try to act on my visualisations. Is there anything I can do to ensure that my activity levels are high and constantly moving me toward my goals. Those snakes are always ambushing me!!  Jason Kendrick MA

To my mind this is a very articulate letter and raises quite a few issues, that I feel if addressed properly and honestly will answer this type of question. My first point is did the BIG ideas just come or did they come as a result of deliberate programming of the biocomputer? Once the BIG idea came, as with any BIG idea you need to break it down into the small of components, the same as Alan Turing used to do with Algorithms, until they it can be no further divided. Once you have broken it down you then need to visualise the smaller components.

You already know that I love the expression ‘If you keep doing what you are doing you’re going to get more of the same. Some serious analysis of what you are doing needs to be done and then you need to alter both your conscious thinking and biocomputer thinking (subconscious thinking) dramatically. A good starting point would be to set one relatively small goal and focus on this with all the ‘visualization power’ you can muster, until you have impregnated the neurons in your biocomputer at a cellular level and try to materialize one small goal. You’ll know when you have inserted this program properly because you’ll start getting Colossus Output, ideas that really do work and can be implemented with the resources that you already have to hand. The right idea always bring with it the impetus to action because the right idea is so obviously right and simple to implement. The key objective here is to prove to yourself you can program and make your biocomputer work at will, creating Eurekas! on Demand. It sounds to me as though you have read the book but not studied it. Once you really study it you’ll realize this is a step-by-step guide for unravelling the exact same problem that you describe. Hope this helps – speak soon!

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