Getting Past the Noise!


So just what is the difference between doing and talking? It’s a good question especially when sometimes you have to be your own best salesman, and actually get out there and promote yourself. I’ve learned not to be shy and always put my best foot forward and step up to the plate and I learned years ago that sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet. One thing is for sure no one else is going to blow it for you! You have to make your own way in the world and every day try to gain a little ground. The good news is that if you keep on keeping on you tend to create your own breaks. Today I feel empowered. Four more speaking engagements in the diary and that’s the sure fire formula for selling books….by the bucket load.  (I’m seriously working on that strategy right now, price point, leaflets, advance PR, teams, hooks. None of this happens by accident!) Yes I’m talking up the job…but I am also doing it!!!

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