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Over thirty years ago, when I owned the largest chain of motorcycle shops in South London I got into serious financial difficulties. Fortuitously for me, I met an astute old Irishman by the name of Seamus O’Rourke, affectionately known as Paddy or Jim. He quickly encouraged me to start brainstorming, thinking, bending my mind to things and I would suggest to you that the sooner you start to harness the billion neurons in your own biocomputer, as well as those billions of cells in other peoples brains, the sooner you too will be on the road to riches. Jim pointed out to me that by selling new motorcycles we were making about 17% profit but on second-hand motorcycles about 117% profit. Many times you get to close to your own business, but by brainstorming and thinking and harnessing your mind your can move onward and upward, sometimes very quickly. By phasing out the new motorcycle sales and ramping up second hand sales my mini empire started to turn the financial corner.

Luckily for me, Jim applied mind power on a daily basis, and very quickly we brainstormed ourselves into an even more profitable situation. Jim pointed out that 117% was great, but he said, “Let’s carry out an exercise on the profit margins when we break up wrecked bikes and sell them for spares.” We were both delighted to realise bikes we got in as scrap, often for pennies, generated an average of 1117% profit. Oh! La! La! Very quickly we owned Aladdin’s Cave at Hampton Court, the largest motorcycle breakers in the country…and never looked back.

Between us we harnessed more mind power by taking on a number of salesmen who were paid a very low basic wage but very high commissions, based on sales. We created a true win-win situation. This freed up our time and I suggested to Jim we set up a consultancy business to run alongside the retail empire. With cost effective adverts like, ‘Cash Flow Problems – Creditors Putting on Pressure’ strategically placed in magazines like Exchange & Mart, we very quickly had the phones ringing off the hook. We spent our days in the bike shops and evenings driving up and down the country helping SMEs slash overheads, pace creditors and massively increase their profit margins. We taught cost effective marketing and also taught our clients how to harness their own and other peoples mind power. I wrote my first book about this valuable business experience and called it GET OUT DEBT AND INTO THE MONEY…now re-titled Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu featuring Peter Hobday and Valerie Singleton and it still pulls in royalties some 32 years on, as a MP3 download and CD pack.

Over the years I have come to realise that the people who make it big, do so by harnessing mind-power, intuitively, accidentally or intentionally. I don’t know how many millionaires I helped create over the years – but it’s lots, and they all harnessed mind power. People like Andy Hunt who owns ClearSky Properties who is now a multimillionaire with homes all over the world, will tell you that I gave him paradigm shift, that changed his thinking and his life forever. Robert Frater caught on after reading Talk & Grow Rich and harnessing the power of meditation and visualization and went from literally owning nothing to becoming a millionaire, who incidentally is now writing a business book of his own and Clive Branson became world champion fisherman after one mind power session with me.

So just how does one harness mind power and start wealth creation? You read the right books, study and talk to people. Start to realise that the ‘Real Secret’ is within your own mind. You need to tap into latent powers and you do this by practicing goal setting, meditation, visualization, and brainstorming. You need to start capturing and writing down the little ideas and hunches that start coming to you as a result of these practices and then start acting on those ideas when they do arrive. ACTION is the key to the brains ignition and combined with mind power techniques you’ll switch your biocomputer ON and it will become an infallible tool for generating massive wealth creation, money making ideas and solutions to problems. You will have arrived!

Ron G Holland’s new book: The Eureka! Enigma – 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams (Morgan James NY) is available at:  www.eureka-enigma

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