“He gets paid to walk around the rose garden!”


When I was a young man serving out my time as an apprentice carpenter, I had the privilege of working at a substantial firm of highly successful architects in the heart of the Surrey countryside. We were in the beautiful grounds, banging in nails and sawing up wood when a tall slim, well-dressed gentleman dappily strolled passed very slowly with his head in the clouds. He wore a bow tie and a rose in his lapel. I’ll never forget it or what happened next. My colleague said, “That guy gets paid to stroll around the rose gardens.” I was ever so sceptical at the time, but thought long and hard about what he had just told me. It transpired he was the chief architect and came up with incredible award winning designs, fantastic drawings and incredible ideas and then his team would implement them. I have just returned from my daily stroll around the rose garden (not much to see or smell this time of year, and bitterly cold too!) and I have just realised I get paid to stroll around it – as revenues come in over the Internet and many other ways as well. All my good ideas come as a result of strolling, meditation or time out! Are you taking enough time out to stop the internal dialogue, so you can hear the Eurekas!? Timely message if you want to make 2010 your best year yet!

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