Hungry for Success


I just got back from three incredible days in Bulgaria. Dimitar Taskov put on a great event, with lots of media coverage too. Dimitar did the simultaneous translation although many in the audience could speak good English.

On finishing the Ultimate Mind Power – Eureka! Enigma workshop, Dimitar gave me some feedback from the audience. He said that many of them had previously read self-help books and attended workshops, but this was the first time that many of the actually understood, what it was, they really had to do to accomplish success in their own lives.

Three people won books for coming up the with best ideas. I had these three people come up on stage and I gave them feedback on what to do to accomplish their own personal goals.  VERONIKA PETROVA from Plovdiv, a lovely thirteen year old with excellent English said she wanted to be able to attract friends to her that she could really feel comfortable with, ANDON HRISTOV, 21 from Yambol, wanted to use his creative talents of creating incredible 3D images on the computer, to find a major position within a company in Hollywood and DANIELA KOLEVA, 24 from Sofia said she wanted to build a clinic for Bulimics and Anorexics in Plovdiv, because there were so many of them that needed help.

I for one, know that if they took on board the Eureka! Enigma principles and the personal feedback that I gave, they will all accomplish their goals – very quickly. I can’t wait to get back to Plovdiv for round two! To see more of this great event go to:

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