My visualizations aren’t working!


I need to earn $5,000 a month – my visualizations aren’t working!

“Hi Ron, What I am trying to get at is $250 to $300 a day via Clickbank plus $5k a month in my paypal account, all generated online. Instead of drilling down, I find my mind wandering off to any far-flung corner as long as it hasn’t got much to do with money. There is definitely some avoidance scheme going on. I have no idea how I can get a handle on it. It is something I don’t see, hidden in my blind spot. And because I don’t see it I can’t deal with it. Please help John Coombes”

Here are a few ideas:
Visualise and apply the following:

What you are spending the $5-6k a month on. See yourself making those purchases. Try to actually feel how great it is to pay the rent and bills and maybe some extras out of earned cash flow and revenues.

Also make list of maybe about ten products you have floating around both consciously and subconsciously and play around with your visualizations ‘seeing’ which one of those really surfaces as the product you want to write, build and develop.

Visualise some great copy that you yourself actually write. Write this up, polish it and visualize lots of people sending you money. THEN develop the product to suit the copy.

If what you are doing is not working, all you’ll get is more of the same, so DO SOMETHING DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT with your visualizations and your mind!

Spend a little time playing around with visualizations that are nothing to do with the Internet. I still think off-line activities may prove to bring in the $6k a month – or maybe a combination of online and offline. Don’t get stuck in a tunnel vision mode of something – especially if it isn’t working. Snap out of it! You can come back to ‘Internet Riches’ once you have started generating cash flow from other actives, then you’ll be coming from a position of strength

Since you have an aversion to ‘visualizing money’ try visualizing some great fun activities, luxuries and products and things that you want for yourself and family.

Read >> The Eureka! Enigma << again and again. It is not a book to be read once, it needs to be studied!

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