If what you are doing isn’t working…..


If what you are doing isn’t working…..

Do you realise most folk go through life with a formula that isn’t  working…Wow! What a revelation!

The canny ones of course, keep chopping and changing and starting up new businesses until they click with something that works…then they work hard at snowballing that up and reap the rewards. Others pull in consultants or mentors to get feedback and ask the question “What are we doing wrong, can we turn this situation around and into success?”

Don’t knock yourself, but wise up. Not everyone is going to become an Internet millionaire…maybe that’s not quite right for you. There are thousands of off-line opportunities around, especially if you look for or get your mind around creating them.

Start to get into the habit of becoming a mind-power person:  Meditation, visualisation and goal setting are the keys to success….no matter what business you’re in!

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