It’s good to scratch around, to become wealthy!


As a young lad we used to keep chickens in our back yard. We’d get regular eggs and every now and my dad would kill a chicken and roast it. My old dad made the point that chickens never go to bed hungry, they keep scratching around, all day long if necessary until they have had their fill.

 In tough economic climates this is what you have to do. It really is a case of the survival of the fittest and you need to have your wits about you and keep scratching around. Go where the money is; get into something different, don’t keep do the same old thing over and over again especially if it isn’t working.

 Maybe you’re one of thousands who have been hooked on easy Internet riches. Let me tell you, don’t be fooled. The people who make the money during the ‘gold rush’ are those selling the spades, shovels and picks and selling beer and other dubious services to the prospectors. Have wake up call and realize the Internet has millions and millions of businesses for you to compete against. It is the most competitive market place in the world – and very difficult and costly one to crack!

 My best advice? Get a life! Start making money in retailing or selling or manufacturing and make yourself a pile doing something you can do – and then come back to Internet Marketing from a position of strength. It’ll still be there, believe me, and hopefully you’ll not only be richer, but wiser as well!

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