Meet me for coffee and cakes on a Yacht 4th may


Workshops that REALLY work!

Over a forty-year period I have done literally hundreds of workshops, first as student of success, then as a teacher and now as a master.

I always try to over deliver and I know from experience that you can give people a huge amount of valuable information on the day, let them take it away and assimilate it, and if you get it right, they will start to turn their lives around very quickly. We’ve now been getting it right for years!

The two workshops we are going ballistic with at the moment are ULTIMATE MIND POWER – 7 Keys to Realizing your Dreams and CASH FLOW MAGIC – The Real Secrets of Multiple Streams of Income. These are by no means expensive and a full day, including refreshments, lunch and workshop materials.

You can even come to a taster double seminar on a London based yacht for £20, which includes coffee, cake and some FREE books! Turn you life around NOW!

Check it out:

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