More ways to make money than you can poke a stick!


 More ways to make money than you can poke a stick!

Tired of the get rich quick schemes? Fed up with empty promises that seem to good to be true? Are you looking for ways to make money that are within your grasp? Great! Read on…

Here’s a story about ways to make money that I hope inspires you…

Neal know lots of ways to make money!

Neal, who I have known for a number of years relishes in his multiple streams of income and he’s looking for more. His main bag is that for a few hours a week he repairs people’s baths; re-enamels them and refurbishes like new. Incidentally Neal paid to learn this skill – as he perceived it would be more lucrative than carpet fitting, his line previous line of work. He averages around five a week without really trying and this brings a good cash flow; and he’s never looked back. The main point it leaves plenty of free time for other activities. He has a number of income properties that he rents out and when the mortgages are paid there is even a little pocket money left over. Early morning and late evening he spends an hour or two spread betting and is making small profits. Neal is now concentrating on Internet related opportunities and he has developed some specific computer skills and aptitude relating to this. It comes as a second nature to Neal, so I’m pretty sure he’ll do he’ll when he finds the right niche. Neal knows what he is looking for and that is a killer app that he a roll out in a big way…and make his home run – $500,000 to $1,000,000.

Here’s a few more hot tips to stimulate your biocomputer …

Ways to make money include retailing. Good old fashioned retail is a good way to make money and is often overhead by the Internet. You can often get started with a few months rent. If you have no capital you can often initial stock flooding in on credit or approval from lots of different suppliers.

Ways to make money include service industries. If you have skill or energy you may try carpentry, odd jobs, lawn moving, car cleaning, house and office cleaning. Can you repair cars, bikes, computers? You may even have industry specific skills that you had forgotten all about? What can you do, to serve others?

Ways to make money include teaching and training. You may consider teaching the piano or some other musical instrument. What about teaching software and computer skills. How about training people how to become bookkeepers, consultants, or even public speakers. There are lots of ways to make money. Consider all the options and expand your horizon!

Ways to make money include driving. Ever considered becoming a cab driver or delivery person? Set up a special delivery service especially for highly fragile or perishable goods. This is an idea you can really drive!

Ways to make money include telesales. So many products are still sold over the phone and often from the comfort of your own home. Insurance, bonds, vacations, time-share, proportional ownerships, advertising space are just a few ideas. What are you waiting for!

Ways to make money include the second hand business. I love this one having made my first fortune from selling second-hand motorcycles. The list is endless: Furniture, computers, coins, machinery, tools, stamps, bicycles, property, yachts and cars to name a few. What are you passionate about? Answer that – and get cracking!

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