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Years ago, when I was a young man, I received phone call from a good buddy. He knew I was a consummate salesman and proceeded to tell me all about this new device that was beginning to take off, called a fax machine. He told me I could make a fortune because every office and many homes would just have to have one. Apparently it allowed you to send letters and mail over the telephone lines. As he said those very words I looked down at the twisted wires leading into my phone. They were all knotted and curly and right then and there I just ‘knew’ it would never work. I just couldn’t imagine a letter coming down those wires…no matter how hard you tried. Needless to say, a few years later in an office somewhere in London I witnessed a twenty-page fax coming through a fax machine and an immediate response being faxed back. I realised that my friend was right, I could have made millions. I never got the full story. What a rude awaking! These days I hear about tweeting, social media, FaceBook and posting articles on the web and I’m all ears. I listen to people, buy the books and try to get ahead of the game!  Have you got the full story about The Eureka! Enigma? I just heard through the grapevine that BNI, the world’s largest business referal network are going to be pushing the book out to their 200,000 strong network. Yippee!!

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