Should I Do Internet Marketing?


I get asked many times about internet marketing. Here’s what I have to say about it. Remember there is a lot of online hype. You must be careful and not be taken for a ride. Research the people/product,  find out as much as you can about the people you buy from.

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This is Ron Holland answering your questions on business and…

This is a question from Mike. Mike says that he is quite a bit older than I am, and he’s invested quite a lot of money in internet training, all to do with internet marketing, and he is still struggling to make a single penny out of the internet.

As it happens over the period of time I’ve got to know Mike a little bit and I have started giving him advice on this.  To give some general advice for people who are watching this …. who are thinking the internet is an easy place to make money and quite frankly it isn’t.

Let me give you a couple of “for instances” … if you are to try and set up a retail business in your own high street very quickly you could go around your high street, do a little bit of market research and you could save whatever business that you were involved in. Maybe you’ve got six pubs to compete against, six chicken houses, four Indian restaurants. Whatever line of businesses, you could get to the bottom of your competition very very quickly.

The thing is, with the internet, the minute you put a shop window i.e. a website up on the internet, the minute it’s up there, yes you are a global business, but you are also competing with millions and millions of all the people trying to sell similar products.

So my best advice is, particularly people in their 60’s and 70’s if you haven’t got an aptitude for writing code, writing copy, trying to make money online, don’t do it, don’t be fooled into thinking this is something you can do, because quite frankly unless you got the aptitude and you’ve got your mind around the internet to create a website, and more importantly, drive traffic to the site, then you are just kidding yourself.

One of my favorite expressions is, not for just older people, but for all entrepreneurs is – “do something that you can do”. And one of the big secrets about making money these days, people are making huge amounts of money in conventional business. Providing they’re doing the marketing cost effectively, providing they’ve got a useful product or service, there’s money to be made. Stop kidding yourself that the internet is the kind of quick route to money because quite frankly it isn’t.

What I do see is a huge amount of people, like in the years of the Californian gold rush, people selling shovels to the gold miners. They were the people becoming rich. These days there’s a lot of people selling shovels, if you like, to potentially internet marketing people.

So don’t fall for that, try and get your mind around, and it will be a product or service that comes from your subconscious mind. Do something that you can do, that’s my best advice. And I’m looking forward to hearing from more people, so we can delve deeper & deeper down into what makes the mind click and come up with your own eureka and your own product or service of something that can actually do.

So, if you have got suckered into the dream of easily becoming rich overnight through the internet, you might have to say “I put that down to experience, I’m not gonna make out to internet, (unless you’ve really got the aptitude) and I’m gonna do something what I can do.

I think that’s enough on that subject, we don’t want to go round in circles, but start getting your mind around a product or a service that you can delivery and start making money on immediate. That’s my best advice. Okay, thank you!

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