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It has been less than two weeks since my life-changing wealth-creating meeting with Top Biz Guru – Ron G Holland in the Russell Hotel in London. My scepticism has diminished and I can honestly report that my business has grown as a result of that meeting. I have had a least six cheques in from various sources that I would have generated unless it was for the meeting I had with Ron. (I expect many more, now I know what to do!) I can honestly say that if I keep doing the things Ron has shown me, I will generate an additional £100,000 over the coming year. Maybe even more! I firmly believe this and those of you who know me will know that I am VERY conservative.

Ron not only showered me with highly motivating stories and techniques but showed me highly pragmatic ways of generating income. For this I am truly grateful and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

A few weeks back, I happened across a man who has made a career out of changing peoples lives and businesses for the better.  Last Thursday I met him in London, and negotiated a special deal for you.   If you need to move from where you (mentally) to a better place, or just want to make a few extra million, this could be the starting point – it was certainly inspirational for me, and I am a cynical old devil.  But these are just the keys….

Listen to this. Over the past week I’ve learnt some of the most incredible things that have ever happened to me in my life. I’ve discovered that it is completely possible to turn your whole life around in a way you’d never have dreamt possible – and now I’m bursting at the seams to share all these secrets with you.

But where do I begin?! How can I ever show you just how AMAZING this discovery is? To give you just a tiny taster of the enormity of it, here’s just a handful of the things I’ve discovered:

How you can now start up that great business idea of yours (or your clients) – by getting other people to put up the money!

If you’re currently in debt (or you have clients who are) then you will find a whole program that will help you get out of it – and ensure that you never get yourself in debt again.

  • Learn how to get the upper hand over people and situations that currently intimidate you.
  • 10 absolutely brilliant new ideas for start-up businesses (as soon as you hear them I know you’ll be falling over yourself to start them ALL up!).
  • How you can dramatically improve the way your mind works almost instantly… free yourself of the worries and clutter that stop you thinking clearly… and learn to tap the enormous potential of your brain that normally lies dormant!
  • How you can give yourself any personality trait you currently feel you’re lacking (as simple as putting a new program into a computer) – you won’t believe the magic of it!
  • Discover how you could be selling something for £270 that costs just 27p to produce!
  • How to almost instantly give yourself the ability to do things you’ve always believed you were fundamentally not suited to do.
  • Reprogram your mind to give up smoking, lose weight, and make your relationship a happy and lasting one.
  • Did you know that all people think in one of three totally different ways… that you can discover how each person thinks – just by looking at their eyes… and that you can use this knowledge to persuade anyone to do exactly what you want?! You can learn how to do this in minutes and your life will never be the same again…

And that’s still just a tiny fraction of what you’re about to discover!

What’s more, you can learn all these things just from ONE SINGLE SOURCE – an 8 cassette audio tape set by the legendary Ron G Holland, `quite possibly the very greatest business and self-development guru in Britain’ (Fleet Street Publications) and `Britain’s leading motivational speaker’. (Success Now magazine). These fabulous presentations are narrated by BBC favourites Mitch Murray and Peter Hobday and feature Ron G Holland himself being interviewed live by Valerie Singleton.

In fact, I’m so anxious to have you listen to these tapes, Ron has agreed to send them to you on a `love `em or return `em’ basis! If you love them as much as I know you’re going to, then they’re yours to keep. If you decide – for whatever reason – that they’re not right for you, simply send them back and it won’t cost you a single penny.

All I want is that you have the chance to listen to them. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Believe me, these tapes are dynamite.

Now, before I get too carried away, let me tell you a little more about each of the tapes…. what you’ll learn from them … and how much they can change your life.

TALK AND GROW RICH – How to Create Wealth Without Capital

I know the word ‘life-changing’ has become a bit of a cliché, but that really is the most honest way to describe this incredible recording. You see, the program on this tape not only teaches you how you can persuade people to do anything you want them to (particularly in terms of selling them a product, proposal or so on), it also teaches you a whole new way of thinking.

Deep in your mind you already have what it takes to come up with the ideas that will make you your fortune… the ability to carry your plans through… and the ability to be a storming success in whatever you choose to do. These tapes teach you a whole new way of thinking that will enable you to release that ability, and help you achieve everything you’ve always wanted to do – however unlikely those hopes have been!

And here’s another thing. Many of the ideas or plans you’ve had in the past could well have been perfectly brilliant and perfectly feasible. Yet it was your own fear of launching into something new that stopped you from realising this brilliant `Eureka’. These tapes will teach you how to take the plunge.

After the ability to think well, probably the most valuable skill you can ever have in life is the ability to talk to people, really engage them, and have a powerful influence over them. By teaching you how to `click in’ to the way other people are thinking, and talk directly to their subconscious rather than their conscious mind, this tape will show you how you can get the upper hand over anybody!

DEBT FREE – with Financial Kung Fu

If I could give one single book or tape to anyone either starting up their own business or struggling to keep an enterprise going, this may well be it. It’s extensive, detailed instructions for getting out of debt and making a business profitable – along with it’s goldmine of ideas for reducing your overheads and increasing your profit margins – is totally priceless. In fact, it has been heralded as “the most definitive source for showing people how to get out of debt”.

Step by step it takes you through all the challenges you may need to face – from getting your creditors on your side, negotiating with your bank and getting your debtors to pay up, right through to coping with the emotional worry, and getting other people to pay your debts for you!

And that’s just the start of it! In fact, here are three little gems of advice that you can start putting to work for you right away:

1) Always remember that some of the most exciting things in your life will happen when you’re rock bottom. And never forget that most millionaires have been in debt at one point in their careers. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

2) Set yourself the rule that you must do two `nasty’ jobs a day.

3) Most businesses go bust through underpricing, very few through overpricing. (Sound familiar?)

ESCAPE FROM WHERE I AM – Your Passport to Success

This is a tape for anyone who feels there is something missing in their lives – or for anyone wanting to escape from anything, whether it’s a job, a town, a relationship, specific problems or a general low period of your life.

This tape tells you that if there is something you want to escape from, or something you feel you want, then you must NEVER give up in your pursuit of achieving that. If you learn to master the mindset this book gives you, then you can make anything happen that you want.

Listening to this fascinating and highly motivating recording, you’ll discover how you can discover and realise your own personal `projects’ for self-fulfillment and success. You’ll also discover how you can make every day of your life more productive and more rewarding, always advancing yourself forward towards success.

This tape could well be that extra little boost you need to give you a head start in getting where you really want to be.


– How to Reprogram the Human Biocomputer

Using the surprisingly accurate analogy of a computer throughout, Ron G Holland takes us on a fascinating discovery tour of the way our brain functions – the way we think, act and feel, he tells us, is all determined by the `programs’ that have been put into our brains – by our parents, teachers, friends, the society we live in and even ourselves.

Here’s an example of how that programming works: Right from a small age, your father is forever telling you “you’re never going to be as successful as your brother”. What happens? You believe it to be the truth. In fact, this programming is so strong that it stops you from ever achieving the success that you are perfectly capable of achieving – unless you remove that program and `input’ a different one.

On this brilliant tape, you’ll discover how you can remove any of the programs in your own brain that are stopping you from achieving what you want from life… reprogram your brain to become the person you want to be… reprogram your habits to stop smoking, lose weight, stop procrastinating… and generally improve the way your brain works and your mind thinks.

With the help of this tape you can completely overhaul your life and finally become the person you want to be, living the life you want to lead.

What’s more, you can now get the whole process started almost immediately. Just send us the claim coupon enclosed with the letter today and we’ll put a parcel in the post for you as soon as we receive it. A wonderful parcel containing all four of these amazing, life-changing, success creating titles. And remember, you can review these copies at NO RISK TO YOURSELF!

Ron has agreed to send you these tapes on this basis because I’m so desperate to have you listen to them. I want you to discover what they can do for your life. If you’re not as enthralled by them as I am, simply send them back to Ron and the whole adventure won’t have cost you a penny. That’s the price he is prepared to pay to give you the chance to change your life!

Yours sincerely,


PS You’ll also discover:

  • Hundreds of ways of getting other people to put money into your business.
  • How to interpret people’s subconscious gestures.
  • How to get rid of the endless chatter in your head that stops you from thinking clearly and plagues you with constant worrying.

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