The Business Jigsaw Puzzle!


Way back when, Richard, one of my protégés asked me why I was so excited when a small review article about one of my books appeared in the national press. He argued that such a small review just couldn’t make a difference in the big scheme of things. How wrong he was and this is what I carefully explained. Business is like a jigsaw puzzle often made up of hundreds of separate components that all knit and mesh together. One article would often lead to another bigger article or lead onto someone else or a lifelong customer. People have to see adverts at least three times about something before they take a concept or product on board. Success is business is made up of hundreds of right moves and correct actions, most of them very small. When you dissect any successful business you’ll quickly discover it didn’t happen overnight but has come about by bits of the jigsaw puzzle all fitting nicely together. The moral of the story is do something every day, even if it seems small and insignificant, to move your business forward to ultimate success.

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