If Your Bank Says ‘NO!’ or you have tried to raise venture capital or finance to start or expand a business venture, like thousands of business people and entrepreneurs you may have come to a grinding halt because you did not qualify for loans, overdrafts or Venture Capital. There are a myriad of reasons for getting rejected, but the result is always the same. Your plans for expansion did not materialise, your financial success is put on hold and very quickly you are forced to explore the options. If you have tried the banks and the City, you know exactly what I mean! Now there is a powerful alternative.

What is Needed are Methodologies that put you in Control of the Fund Raising Process. You need to find out how to tap into millions of pounds for business directly from source, without having to go through banks or risk-averse venture capitalists. These methods are being used very day, but obviously you need to be in the know. It may surprise you, but over £8 billion has been raised in the past six years, right here in the UK, by small businesses, probably very similar to your own, by people in similar circumstances.

INSIDER SECRETS OF RAISING CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS is a FULLY COMPREHENSIVE! MANUAL. This is a U.K. publication for raising funds right here, not the USA. This is very important because the laws, methodologies, economy and culture here are very different to those in America. (I lived in the States for six years as well as making a point of visiting there at least three times a year) 100’s of Top Money Secrets & Hot Tips Revealed. I have faithfully devoted over quarter of a century to helping Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME’s) accomplish their goals. I have worked on all sides of the fence, as venture capitalist, entrepreneur, business consultant and fund-raiser. My unique experience enables me to see problems from all angles and many times I can offer INSIDER SECRETS that will allow you to exploit the system and get onto the fast track of raising money.

This Report is DYNAMITE! Money Available for all Sectors. There is no upper or lower limit to the amount of money you can secure and it is available for all sectors. Quickest money you will ever get. On average it takes ten months to secure money from a conventional Venture Capital institution. The methodologies revealed here will show you how to raise money, sometimes as quickly as 2 weeks! My material is fast track and highly pragmatic! We Have our Own Substantial Database of High-Net-Worth Individuals and Have also Been Retained by a significant number of them to specifically seek out exciting early stage ventures; in many sectors, including: IT, Internet, property, health, publishing, engineering, retailing and manufacturing. Step-by-Step Guide. I detail out the simple documentation needed to raise every level of funding from £1,000 to £50,000 from £50,000 to £100,000, and £100,000 to £5,000,000 or more. There is no upper limit and contrary to popular belief, sometimes no documentation is needed, whatsoever! All the Legwork has Been Done for You. Details where over £1billion has been raised for small business and how it’s done, another large section where over £8 billion has been raised for 1000’s of small business. The manual includes a Million Pound Rolodex Directory (UK only) containing all the names, contacts, addresses and phone numbers you will need. All short cuts are revealed. All methods are proven. Detailed step-by-step methods will lead to money – fast! 1000’s of small business owners can’t be wrong!

INSIDER SECRETS OF RAISING CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS really works because all the roads that lead to failure have been explored leaving only pragmatic solutions, insider secrets, short-cuts and proven methods that really deliverright here in the U.K. All the legwork, hard work and unnecessary work has been done, just leaving the INSIDER SECRETS OF RAISING CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS.

This may be your last chance to turn your life and business around! Take it! RISK FREE! ‘Most Business People go to the Wrong Source for FinanceDon’t be One of Them!’ WOULD £1,000 to £200,000 CASH INJECTION HELP YOUR BUSINESS? £ Cash for Inventions – Start-Ups – Paying Debt – Marketing £ Creative Financing. Raise Money Even if Your Face Doesn’t Fit £ Problems with Banks / Venture Capital? How to Circumvent Them £ 100’s Money Secrets & Red Hot Tips Revealed by Top Biz Guru £ Stop Spinning Your Wheels in Run-Around City! Start Living!

£ Be a Paper Millionaire in Two Months – Cash Millionaire, Two Years £ Cash For Improving Infrastructure and Technology

£ 100 Hottest Money Sources in the U.K. – Cut Through Red Tape £ Money for Research and Development – No Upper Limit £ Cash for Property – Equipment – Working Capital – Overdrafts

£ All Barriers, Red -Tape and Rejection Have Been Removed

INSIDER SECRETS OF RAISING CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS is the most powerful treatise you will ever read on the subject of RAISING FINANCE in the U.K.

It is highly pragmatic, a substantial no-holds-barred report that gets right to the very heart of it, in very practical terms. It takes the lid off, what was once the domain of accountants, lawyers and other expensive advisers. This report will save you hundreds of executive man-hours and thousand of pounds in fees and expenses. You will never spin your wheels in Run Around City again. There has never been report like this, and I doubt there will ever be another, that comes even close. I have given it 110% and hope it will be the crowning point of my distinguished career. I am very proud of it, and I know it will help you accomplish FANTASTIC FINANCIAL SUCCESS.


  • Famous Business Guru Shares Secrets! The capital I show you how to obtain is the proven route for funding ideas, inventions, start-ups, development capital, and expansion capital. Anita Roddick used it for starting Body Shop and Richard Desmond used it to start his half-billion pound Northern and Shell empire, and it will be the best route for you, too. I tell you exactly how it’s done! Powerful Stuff.
  • Millionaires Work For You For FREE. How to attract a mastermind group of advisers who you can brainstorm with, come up with million pound ideas and solve all problems. Your dream team will supercharge and motivate you to massive success, in the shortest space of time. Proven techniques!
  • Learn the Back Door to the City. It really does exist You will discover how to tap into millions using concepts, contacts and methodologies that only insiders know about. Insider Secrets!

£ Paper Millionaire in Two Months, Cash Millionaire in Two Years. Becoming a legal Paper Millionaire is the first step to becoming Cash Millionaire. It is part of a success strategy and wealth creation process that is often misunderstood and many times not recognised by outsiders. Once you grasp thisyou may very well alter your strategy to get on track for your fortune! Copy what real millionaires do! All is revealed in the… INSIDER SECRETS OF RAISING CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS A powerful step-by-step guide, full of proven and workable methodologies.

  • FREE CONSULTANCY with Top Biz Guru, ‘the incredible Ron G Holland, quite possibly the very greatest business and self development guru in Britain (Fleet Street Publications) Once you have read, studied the manual and assimilated the contents you will then want to put into practice the methodologies outlined and raise the money you require. You are entitled to a FREE CONSULTANCY with Ron and this is guaranteed to get you on to the FAST TRACK for fundraising by answering any further questions you may have. Quantum Leap Guaranteed!
  • Access our Huge Network of Business Angels and Executives who have Money to Invest in Businesses Such as Yours! It really is true that that there are more investors, executives and angels than there are deals. We really can bring MAGIC to your party.
  • Get Firmly Back in Control of the Fund Raising Process. With such powerful information at your fingertips you will be in complete control of fund raising and know how to counter every move of individuals, credit-scoring, institutions or bureaucracy that get in your way of fund raising success. This is a no-holds-barred report.

Talk and Grow Rich
My international bestseller, audio edition, featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Mitch Murray. Deep in your mind you already have what it takes to come up with ideas that will make you a fortunethe ability to carry your plans through.and the ability to be a storming success in whatever you choose to do. These tapes teach you a whole new way of thinking that will enable you to release that ability and help you achieve everything you’ve always wanted to do – however unlikely those hopes have been! After the ability to think well, probably the most powerful skill you can ever have is the ability to talk to people, really engage them, and have a powerful influence over them. By teaching you how to ‘click in’ to the way other people are thinking, and talk directly to their subconscious rather than their conscious mind, this tape will show you how you can get the upper hand over anybody. ‘Talk’ was the first book to introduce NLP to the business-sales arena. My audio-tapes are in every prison library in the U.K.

Turbo Success – How to Reprogram the Human Biocomputer,
featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Peter Hobday. Using the surprisingly accurate analogy of a computer this material takes us on a fascinating tour of the way the brain functions – the way we think, act and feel. All is determined by the programs that have been put into our brains – by our parents, teachers, friends, the society we live in and even ourselves. On these brilliant tapes you will discover how many of the programs in your own brain are stopping you from achieving what you want from life. With the help of these tapes you can completely overhaul your life and finally become the person you want to be. Most powerful personal development program available today. My audio-tapes are listened to an average of thirty times each! On the eight tapes you will receive – there is over 12 hours of my best-selling material.

Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu
featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Peter Hobday. Heralded in the Midas report as the most definitive book ever written on the subject. It’s extensive, detailed instructions for getting out of debt and making a business extremely profitable – along with a goldmine of ideas for reducing overheads and massively increasing your profit margins – it is totally priceless. Step-by-step it takes you through all the challenges that you may face – from getting creditors on your side, negotiating with your bank and getting your debtors to pay up, right through with coping with the emotional worry and getting other people to pay your debts for you. This material has the capability of changing your life forever. Get out of debt without borrowing and into BIG MONEY now!

Escape From Where I Am,
featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Peter Hobday. These tapes are for anyone who feels there is something missing in their lives – or for anyone wanting to escape from anything whether it’s a job, a town, a relationship, specific problems or a general low period in your life. My audio-tapes change peoples’ lives permanently!s! It is only available when you purchase

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