Wanna Get Rich? Well, what are waiting for!?


Make the new years resolution right now – Get rich, and that’s an order! Throw out all that old thinking if you want to get rich. The thinking that has got you where you are is not the thinking that is going to help you get rich.

 Many of the programs that we have in our biocomputers (minds) were placed there by well meaning parents or teachers or are there as a result of our environments. Many of these programs will work in direct opposition to the goals that we have set for ourselves. Many of us have self-defeating behavior, subconscious death wishes and self-destruct programs, that time and time again, rob us of victory

just as we are about to get rich. But in truth, the are only a very few things that we really need to do in order to get rich. Follow these tried and tested methodologies, and start heading toward your fortune today!

Get rich by setting goals. Most people set massive goals before they have their biocomputers (minds) working properly. Once you have proved to yourself you can create ideas and solve problems, that is the time to set larger goals. Set goals now that are attainable and make sure each goal leads you to the next step this is need to accomplish leading you toward bigger and bigger goals.

Get rich by getting into action, whether you’re ready or not. The timing will never be right so start toward your quests right now with the resources you have at the time. Action is the key to the brains ignition, so once you start a project, the ideas will begin to flow.

Get rich by starting your own business. To get rich the best strategy of all is to start and own your own business. Do something you can be passionate about so that everything you do becomes a labour of love. The main thing is to start, because you can always change your mind, develop, expand or change direction as you go.

 Get rich by correctly programming your mind. I teach a thing called goal setting that really works. It comes about by programming your mind with power visualization technique called BasicVisual InAdvance. It means you clearly create images in your minds eye before the things are trying to accomplish actually happen. You can find out more about this in The Eureka! Enigma.

 Get rich by never giving up. I find that most entrepreneurs give up far too easily and far too quickly. The key is to keep on keeping on, even if it does mean setting new goals, changing plans and assigning new partners and doing literally whatever it takes, in order to get rich.

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