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Wanobe.com, the online business knowledge market for small and mid sized businesses, has called for a national small business day to be set aside by the government as a way to celebrate the contribution of small business owners to the UK’s economy.

“Small and mid sized businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy, together accounting for 99.9 percent of all enterprises and 59.8 percent of private sector employment and it is time these marketplace men and women heroes are celebrated,” says David Noble, wanobe.com founder and managing director. He notes that SMEs contribute 49 percent – or an estimated £1,589 billion – of private sector turnover, according to figures from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, BIS.

Noble says he got the idea of creating a ‘national small business day’ for the UK’s smaller company owners after hearing about a similar concept being discussed in the United States. Now Noble intends to use his business-to-business website, wanobe.com, to champion the cause of getting acknowledgement for the major contributions of small and mid-sized firms across Britain.

“The men and women running smaller businesses have to work hard for their living, with long work hours and short holidays the norm, especially in these tough economic times. They are the real heroes of the marketplace and it’s a sad their efforts are largely ignored by both the media and the general public,” says Noble.

Noble says he is now actively seeking discussions with leading politicians in the UK and the EU to discuss how to promote and implement such a ‘small business day’. And he hopes the idea can be rolled out across the EU as a means to promote new entrepreneurship that will contribute to getting Europe’s troubled economy moving again.

Wanobe.com allows users to ask a question about a business issue and get an instant response from other users chipping in their knowledge, experience and opinions. It differentiates itself from other Q&A sites by focusing solely on serving the needs of emerging businesses, often smaller companies who do not have the personal or financial resources to speedily find answers to key issues.

Noble notes how every business needs some expert advice and help sooner or later, but doesn’t always know where to look for the answer. And for start-ups, lack of money and time is also the kind of serious issue Wanobe has been founded to answer.

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