We all want to know how to get rich!


Accumulating wealth, getting rich and making money are all things we want to know about and for many of us, sooner rather than later. However, for many the starting point will be getting out of debt. This was my starting over 35 years ago and my best selling book Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu is still going strong and pulling in royalties. Let’s examine some good tips for getting out of business debt and into money. Make arrangements with your creditors to pay the back very slowly, over a long period of time. Make arrangements with your debtors to get money in much more quickly. Slash all your overheads and if you can re-negotiate rent and leases. If necessary, move to cheaper premises. Make sure your staff are all really earning their keep. In times of recession you can’t afford to carry any one. Tighten your belt, set plans, goals and targets for all your team. Massively increase profit margins even if it means taking on new products and services and phasing out old ones. By hook or by crook get a copy of Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu, or get it free with my new book The Eureka! Enigma

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