Wealth and the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle!


I am a great believer in the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle and everything coming together exactly as it should, all in the fullness of time. Success is made up of many pieces and as often as not you cannot see how all the pieces fit together sometimes right up to the point when the jigsaw puzzle is complete. My best advice to you is to try to see the ‘big picture’ of everything you are trying to attract and accomplish and then break it down into much smaller pieces, very much like the parts of a jigsaw puzzle. “Components that can no further be divided”, as Alan Turing used to say when discussing algorithms. All I know is that I am making phenomenal progress everyday and I continually program my mind with great diligence and I am receiving Colossus Output (Eurekas!) as a result. Are you programming your mind for wealth? Have you read, The Eureka! Enigma – 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams yet?

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