Wealth building strategies for newbies!


Wealth building strategies for newbies! Extremely important stuff this and I was minded the other day that most of what I have done is ‘last century stuff’. And in many ways that’s right. I started to think about ‘now and then’ and this may help you. Information overload was not a term that we ever heard or thought about. But today it is pervasive and if you’re not careful it can badly affect and undermine your performance. Creating wealth takes concentrated effort and focus, but what I see today is the constant distraction of too many emails, texts and phone calls. Some how you need to create quality time and space for work if you are going to create wealth. A good plan is to answer your emails every four or five hours instead of dipping in every five minutes, oops, sorry, I meant two minutes! In the ‘good old days’ we used to get mail in once a day, deal with it immediately and then spend the rest of the day focussing on what really had to be done in order to build good business. What we used to say about ‘time’ was – Use it or Lose!

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[…] Wealth building strategies for newbies! […]

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