Wealthy people create an impact!


Wealthy people create an impact! I was taking a workshop last week and we were all talking about memorable moments of impact. Most people in the room wrote down 911 as their memorable moment of impact and only few wrote down anything to do with sales, marketing or meeting people. I like to think I create a moment of impact when I meet people, especially for the first time. I convey that in tonality, dress code, handshake, speaking just the right amount and not too much. I also convey it in a professional business card, the brochures, business plans or other documents I may leave behind. Try to create a moment of impact when potential customers land on your website, read your letter or sales brochure. Also create an impact when you telephone people. Some times you only have seconds to do this and don’t forget you never get second chance to create first impression. Final point: Creating the right moment of impact can often take weeks, sometimes months to develop!

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