Women are still having babies!


Women are still having babies! What do I mean by that? Simply this – nothing changes. You want something to happen, you get out there and make it happen! I was guest speaker on Sunday talking at a Publish and Promote your book conference and I was talking about testimonials. Most of the audience thought they would come flooding in and many were disappointed they didn’t even get one. I told them how I actively and aggressively go after testimonials and how that I knew I needed maybe six or eight to get the ball promotional ball rolling. That meant I had to go after maybe 30 or 40. I got my 8 and never heard from 30. People are busy they have other things to do. However, I will pitch another 30 or 40 different targets. In ALL things be persistent! Got the first order in from Australia for The Eureka! Enigma today – jumping kangaroos that’s a good omen. Personal development and self-help is huge in Australia. Things happening in China and India too…more on that later!

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