Are you really visualizing? Is what you are doing working!?


Having spent over forty years in the self-help arena I am somewhat qualified to talk in detail about the subject of Visualization. Having given literally thousands of workshops on the subject and all talked to thousands of those attendees on the way, I  have some extremely valuable observations.

 For a start Visualization works and it works brilliantly – for those who use it properly and apply it. But in my experience, most people just read books about it, attend the workshops and don’t really use it. In other words, they just pay lip service and get frustrated with little or no results.

 No, I am not talking about the nieve visualization and affirmation techniques that came flooding out of California in the nineteen sixties. I am talking about full blown visualization techniques of the Twenty First Century and that is a substantially different thing. We have moved on a massive pace by half century! We finally understand why these things work and exactly just how much discipline has to be applied to finding out your own specific formula for creating just the right visualization code that works for you.

 Here a few tips to get you on the way. If you have list of say twenty goals that you are persistently visualizing into the future with, every night and every morning, experience tells me you will need to set aside perhaps as much as 30-60 minutes for each session. Yes, it takes that long to really create pictures in the minds-eye and hold them there long enough to impregnate the neurons and make those visualization into code in the bio-computer – software for the brain, right!

 Some find it best to close their eyes other leave them open. Some find they create results when they relax, others find they create better results when they visualize in a fully conscious state. A formula that really works for novices is to play around with visualization and focus on one small goal using as many techniques as necessary to attain demonstrable results. Once you have proved the techniques works, you can move on to bigger and better goals. Over the years I have helped create many millionaires and world champions though the use of mind power and you can find out more about these powerful techniques in my latest book, The Eureka! Enigma. Have you bought your copy yet?  and when you have read it, phone me for chat, about how I may help you even further!

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