A different kind of rant…


Alan Sugar could be right or wrong whether the recession is over or not and to stop whingeing. In my opinion a much better strategy is for entrepreneurs to decide from the outset to make money in both good times and bad. Cycles happen, they are a fact of life. A good method is to program your mind to be impervious to life’s ups and downs and develop a keen sense of awareness about what is going on around you and altering your strategy to suit. It really is a case of evolving which means the survival of the fittest. You may have to pull in your belt, sell a new type of product or service or get into a totally different industry. Basically you do whatever it takes, quite literally. At the end of the day it boils down to imagination and that means visualization InAdvance, of the things that you want to happen and keep your mind off the things you don’t want to happen. The Eureka! Enigma will tell you how to precisely do this, carrying you onward and upward forever – regardless of economic uncertainty

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