Another fine money making idea you’ve gotten us into Stanley!


Coming up with money making ideas is great fun and over a thirty year period I have helped literally thousands of folk start their own businesses. Here a few ideas and I bet you’ve got a few more of your own. However, whichever one you choose, the best plan is to get in action…

 Another great Money Making Idea is to become an odd job man. If you have carpentry or plumbing skills so much the better. People always need repairs around their houses and you’ll soon be raking in the dollars.

  1. Another great Money Making Idea is to offer gardening services. You can charge top dollar if you offer landscaping services.
  2. Another great Money Making Idea is to become a car valet. Big bucks can be made simply by hosing down and vacuuming out each car with great care. The cost of polish and wax require is of minimal. Go the extra mile and customers  will come back week after week.
  3. Another great Money Making Idea is become a window cleaner. Most people would love to have their windows cleaned. Get out there and leaflet an area and let me people know what you can be as regular as they like once a week or bio-monthly. This is a cash business and will start generating cash as soon as your starting polishing!
  4. Another great Money Making Idea is to become and painter and decorator. How can choose to paint outside of homes, workshops, garages and office buildings or if you like you can choose to work inside. It is not unusual to collect 30% to 50% of the contract price up front and that way you have money in hand as well as money to buy materials. Now you see why this is great money making idea!
  5. Another great Money Making Idea is to become seamstress. Many people have clothes that need letting our or taking in and all sorts of other alterations need to be done to suits, shirts, dresses and other garments. People don’t have the time these days to carry out running repairs and if you have skill in this department you can soon be raking it in.
  6. Another great Money Making Idea is to carry out car or motorcycle repairs. This is labor intensive and you get paid lots of money for supplying your skills. If parts are required it is tradition to get the customers to pay up front for these.
  7. Another great Money Making Idea is to offer cleaning services. This service is in great demand and can be offered to homeowners as well as offices. Many ambitious people have started small, but very quickly, by doing a fantastic job, have secured massive office cleaning contracts.
  8. Another great Money Making Idea offer some kind of consultancy or training service based on your own skills and life and industry experience. This could be helping people with selling or marketing. Helping companies to raise capital or you could focus on teaching individuals on how to become a consultants. Use you imagination!

Create your own Money Making Idea by mixing and matching some of  the above suggestions and come up with your own creative Eureka! You have to zig and zag and play around with the words, both on paper and in your mind and see what transpires. That’s what creating money making ideas is all about.

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