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Feel Great! Feel Empowered! Feel Good! Feel Strong! Feel Fantastic! Feel Everything!

Many people live their entire lives blocking out their feelings because they have been hurt or don’t want to be let down. They live lives of quite desperation. However, with a little effort you can block out negative feelings and deliberately train yourself to flood your neurons, at a cellular level, with positive emotions. I never said it was easy, but it’s a trick you can play on the mind. The more you practice the habit, the more positive thoughts you create in your mind and eventually thinking positively happens automatically. The Eureka! Enigma philosophy is unique in so far as it shows how, in great detail, to harness both negative and positive emotions. On another topic, did you see the Mail on Sunday at the weekend? Big article about Michael Kraftman (Getoptics) who is now the biggest retailer of contact lenses online in the UK. (100,000 customers)  I helped Michael raise his first £1.5 million some time back. Great success story – for both of us! In all the time I have known Michael, I have never seen him think negatively, despite having to go through many hoops of fire.

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Great website! Mentoring is so important for business! And if your good at it and can help people/business out of it then thats even better! Keep up the good work.

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