How to Create Wealth in Times of Recession


Wealth creation takes thought, time and effort. It depends on an element of luck but more than anything it depends on a number of important factors and variables all coming together for you at the same time.

Here’s a few more tips for you…


Build your own database. Years ago we used to talk about location, location, location. The mantra has changed! It’s now database, database, database and if you do it right with full names, email, street address and phone numbers it’ll prove to be your biggest asset.


Do what you can do. These days I see so many people buying into business opportunities where they have no skills or aptitude. It may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but what they found was they had to put themselves through a massive learning curve. Do what you can do and start making money immediately!


Years ago we used to talk about a Unique Selling Point. (USP) That’s old hat! Things have moved on considerably and unless you have developed a Compelling Sales Proposition, (CSP) you’ll have job keeping up with competition.


Do your own thinking. Wealth creators are often leaders. Develop your own products, cost effective marketing strategies and plan for reaching your goals. Think on things overnight!


Learn how to create a demand for your products and services. Create a buzz for your products way in advance of launch. Use magazines, radio, TV and anywhere else where you can get exposure. Create hard-hitting attention grabbing headlines and an anchor story.


Create multiple streams of income that are all synergistic. Think in terms of commissions, royalties, fees, sales, interest and rental incomes, Never rely on one source of income!


Massively increase your mind power. You do this by practicing the art of affirmations and visualizations and thinking in pictures as much as you do in words. Get the right side of your brain working. Build a mastermind group around you, of people who can help you reach your goals.


Spring into action. Begin to get a business up and running whether you are ready or not. Action is the key to the brains ignition and it will solve problems for you and a day-to-day basis, but only once you start.


Set goals, but make sure you accomplish them. The key to accomplishing goals is to start small until you have proved to yourself that your bio-computer (brain) is performing and delivering up ideas, solutions and Eurekas! Once your bio-computer is performing, then is the time to start feeding in bigger goals.


Never give up. I see too many entrepreneurs give up and first sign of difficulty. The real secret is to keep on keeping on. Change your goals and plans if necessary…but never give up!

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