How to Reprogram the Human Biocomputer For Success


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Human. That’s you and me! (Sometimes, the day after the night before, I feel more like a humanoid than a human, but that doesn’t count!)

Bio. (Biological) Being such biologically.

Computer. One that computes. A programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data.

Human Biocomputer. This is our’ shoulder top’ computer that we carry around with us in our heads. It is biological by nature. It is programmable and it can store, retrieve and process data. It can do a lot more than that, if you take pains to program it properly, that’s what this blog post is all about.

Program. A set of instructions for a computer.

To Program. To devise and enter such a set of Instructions into a computer.

Only recently a radio interviewer introduced me as “arguably the best motivational speaker on the international circuit.” Furthermore he went on to say “that it is his ability to teach using layman’s terms that has won him accolades from many quarters, including industry and the motivational speaker circuit.” What more can I say other that I wholeheartedly agree with the said interviewer.

My point is this, yes, I do think I can explain something that is tremendously complex. But having said that, I would ask of you one thing. The golden thread that runs through this philosophy is delicate at the best of times and in many places tends to get lost altogether. Do not get alarmed as we progress. Read this instruction manual many times over. Read it from the front to the back, then from the back to the front. Work it, use it, carry out the instructions. Reading alone will not be enough.

Reading it once will not be enough. The biocomputer simply does not work like that, at all. Recognize this material for what it is. It is an instruction manual. It tells you to do many specific things. The golden thread by the way, lest you forget. Relax and visualize the future as you desire it! Never forget the golden thread!

relax and visualize the future as you desire it

Computers are capable of solving a variety of complex problems with astonishing rapidity. They correlate, compile and assimilate information. They I solve problems because they have an input of information that provides output for solutions. They have stored information and instructions which are known as programs.

The human biocomputer is the most powerful and complex computer in the world. It can solve problems, create, process in words, pictures and feelings as well as think in black and white and color. It has input that will give certain output under certain conditions and it has stored instructions and programs. These programs will govern your output in the way of day to day habits and when the conditions are right will provide you output in the way of I hunches or Eurekas! that will take you from mediocrity to genius.

I will very carefully take you through the components of the human biocomputer, particularly the components that affect the way we succeed or fail to reach our goals. First we will look at the hardware of the human biocomputer. Before I embarked on the biocomputer project I asked many people, including a lot of children under the age of ten, what was the difference between the brain and the mind? Many of the people I questioned could not answer even in the most simplistic of terms. Many tried, but got lost half way through their explanations.

Many people did not try at all. Others tried hard but got just too complicated. The answer I liked most of all was from a wonderful nine year old girl, Abra Pickford. She told me “the brain was the real thing, you know, all blood and guts actually inside the head. The mind was something completely intangible, you know, something really hard to talk about.” I would say she summed it up very well, but I would like to expand just a little.

I would say that the brain was the hardware. The actual physical organ of blood and tissue that we carry around with us in our heads. The mind is the software, the programs that have been inserted into the neurons in our biocomputer.

The average brain weighs between 45 and 50 I ounces and is an overabundance of hardware. To say we use five percent of our brains is in my opinion a gross over exaggeration. We should be so lucky! We don’t even scratch the surface of the true potential of what we could do with our biocomputers, as you will shortly see.

The biocomputer consists of two hemispheres that are joined together by a very substantial band of transmission fibers called the corpus callosum. We also have a reticular activating system, RAS for short. (Don’t forget I keep all my knowledge about the brain, specifically directed to the goal seeking aspects). This is the very same hardware, that, programmed correctly has put man on the moon, invented the electric light bulb, punk rock, the pet rock, pet dragon, computer, silicon chips, fish and chips, automobile, submarine, submarine sandwich and a hundred million other useful inventions or discoveries that makes the world such an exciting place to live in. This same hardware, when inserted with incorrect programs, has caused thousands of people to fail and has caused untold misery, unhappiness, depression and in some cases premature death.
left and right brain

The hardware also consists of over one hundred billion cells that are called neurons. These cells are all linked together by an absolutely amazing network of transmission fibers. Some of these cells have over ten thousand connections linking them to other cells. So intricate is the network of cells and transmission fibers that there is not a single cell in the whole network that cannot communicate with another cell anywhere in the entire network. A little bit like the global telephone system.

If you have a phone, you can call any number in the world, providing you have the correct number. So it is with the one hundred billion cells in your biocomputer, they can all communicate with each other, if they want to, and they sometimes do! Those cells are filled with chemicals, including potassium and sodium and they generate tiny amounts of electricity. (The biocomputer operates very efficiently on one tenth of a volt of electricity.)

Whatever information you insert into those cells would be the software programs of your own personal biocomputer. Many of those programs incidentally are inserted for you when you are young and impressionable, by your parents, by your environment and by your teachers. Only when you grow up, some of us later rather than sooner, take control of our lives and start inserting biocomputer programs of our own choice. Unfortunately many of us never exercise this control, simply because we have never been made aware that we may do so. A lucky few stumble on the facts intuitively and insert the correct programs for success.

Earlier on I mentioned that we have an overabundance of hardware. I would also say the exact opposite is true for our software programs. We don’t have anything like enough software programs to take us to success. Neither do we have programs of sufficient quality or length to take us to success. In fact most of the programs we have are very inadequate or complete failure programs. We mostly have the exact opposite of what we need to attain success.

Because biocomputer programs have to be inserted, carefully, and usually over a period of time, we are drastically short of good software programs in our biocomputers. In other words we have tremendous problem solving and creativity within us, but because of the massive shortage of software programs we don’t put the vast biocomputer to use.

Let us look closer at the hardware we carry around with us. Many people talk about lap top computers, I prefer talking about shoulder top computers! The hardware we have consists of two very powerful computers, the left and the right hemispheres. For normal right handed people the left computer is the language center and the right computer is the creativity. For many years our educational systems have been highly geared toward programming the left computer, in language.

The three R’s, reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic all go straight to the left computer. Everything I am telling you here is going straight into your left computer. This powerful computer processes in words. It functions like a digital computer. It is a language center; it is analytical, sequential, rational and calculative. It has many functions and is extremely powerful. This would be the base of your will power. For those of you who are already into affirmations, this is where they would be stored after you said them over and over again.

The right computer processes in pictures and can be likened to a kaleidoscope, in the fact that it can see the whole of things, and can change its pictures, if you like, just by the blinking of your eyes. It is superior at drawing geometric figures and it perceives on a Gestalt basis. For those of you who are already into visualizations, this is where they are created. The right computer processes in pictures – it is the imagination and the workshop of the mind.


If you said the word “cabbage” over and over again, that would be happening in your left computer. However, if you were to visualize the picture of a cabbage, that would be happening in your right computer. Why don’t you do that right now? Say “cabbage” over and over again. That’s it. Left computer! Now visualize the picture of a big leafy cabbage. That’s right. That’s the right computer coming into play!

Just for fun, now visualize those cabbages growing and growing to ten feet high. Enormous cabbages! Now color them red, blue, even visualize a pink one. Make fields of them. This is your right computer, the creativity coming into play.

You may be one who has a hard time trying to create pictures in your imagination, let alone play around with cabbages and make them different colors and ten feet high. That’s because for many years our imaginations, our right computers (right hemispheres) have become dormant through lack of use. You see, as children we have this innate ability to visualize, but unfortunately, the more we get educated, the more it gets drummed out of us.

I distinctly remember my childhood days, when I used to daydream in the classroom. The teacher, Mr Wenham, time and time again used to bounce the blackboard eraser off my head and scream at me “Holland, stop counting sheep, stop gathering wool and come back down to earth.” Before I knew which way up was up, the educational system had me completely full of words.

My left computer was full of reading, ‘riting and’ rithmetic. Full of academic things that I would find out sooner rather than later were not too much use to me in the dog eat dog world that we live in. Unfortunately my right computer was becoming more and more atrophied. It was only by accident that I discovered by thinking in pictures I was able to solve many of the business problems that I was faced with on a day-to-day basis.

The left computer processes in words and the right computer processes in pictures. These two very powerful computers are linked together by a very substantial band of transmission fibers called the corpus callosum. Both of the computers are extremely powerful and both the computers go about their processing in totally different ways. One of the questions that I always ask at my biocomputer seminars is “How many of you have read self-help books, that tell you, if you have a bill that you want to get paid you must visualize the bill with PAID stamped right across it.

Furthermore you must ‘see’ yourself going into the bank and paying the bill?” Many books say if you do this you’ll very quickly find a way of paying the bill! I ask my students how many have read such statements in self-help books, most of them put up their hands. I then ask them what they thought when they read such statements. Most people who I have questioned on the subject thought it was bulldust. Most of the people who I questioned passed it off as gobbledygook and in doing so failed to carry out the instruction to the letter. The few who put the instruction into practice if: were not disappointed, because it works one hundred percent of the time.

It’s a pity the authors of such books never went to the next step and explained why such a practice should work. The reason of course is simple. The authors of so many books don’t know why certain things work, and why other certain things don’t work. They have probably become successful intuitively. Most people don’t know how the human biocomputer works. I do! I have devoted over twenty years of my life to finding out exactly how, why and what, for both our sakes!

I’ll briefly explain here, the problem solving aspect of the biocomputer in this particular instance, but because there is so much to explain, I too, stand the risk of falling into the trap of over simplification. At this moment in time I think it will suffice to reiterate that the two computers are extremely powerful.

The left computer processes in words and the right computer processes in pictures. When you visualize your bill with PAID stamped right across it, the right computer comes into play. It goes about solving this problem of paying the bill for you in a visual way, it attacks the problem from an artistic viewpoint, it is creative and comes up with ideas.

transmission fibers called the corpus callosum

If you were also affirming verbally, that your bill was PAID, you had, in effect, two very powerful computers, going about their problem solving in two totally different ways. The left computer would have tried to solve the problem of paying the bill for you using logic and language in a rational and calculative way. Both. computers would have been working on the same problem, but by going about it in totally different ways.

The truly amazing thing about the human biocomputer is that the two computers are joined together by that substantial band of transmission fibers we talked about earlier, the corpus callosum. In other words, the pictures and the words (the two separate computers) communicate with each other via this link using electro chemical activity at phenomenal speeds. Each computer can solve the problem on its own using totally different methods of processing or they can confer and cross reference with each other to come up with a viable solution between them. This is just one of the remarkable features of the most powerful problem solving computer in the world.

If you think I’m being repetitive, I’m not. The fact of the matter is that it has come as quite a shock to you, that you’ve been carrying on all these years using your biocomputer as though you only had one computer, processing in words, then all of a sudden you hear ten times in ten minutes it’s not like that at all!

You are slowly, but surely, beginning to see the magic of the biocomputer. You have just had an insight of what is yet to come, the real magic of the biocomputer, the most incredible and most vastly under-utilized computer in the world!

Live at the Biocomputer Seminar:

Australia: Gary “My first thought is one of joy and happiness. I have learnt so much this weekend. A lot of things have gelled for me. My second thought is that I should be angry. I am fifty seven years old. I had never given any thought to what could be going on in my brain. I was never told at school. I was told how to do everything except think. I am seriously considering suing the authorities for millions of dollars. My concern now is that this material is made public and taught in schools.”

Australia: Daniel “I really hadn’t given it much thought but when you read books about. visualization you don’t really think that those pictures are actually forming in the neurons in the mind. For once in my life I can understand why we have to visualize. If you can understand why you have to do a thing, bridging the gap with faith disappears completely.”

England: David “I have never thought of the brain being the hardware and the mind being the software, but intuitively, I have asked people what their program is.”

England: Francis “I knew I was underutilizing my biocomputer. I didn’t realize by how much, nor did I realize we could program more into it.”

Poland: Pawel “Just the fact that I know we have two computers is enough to turn me on.”

Ireland: Jimmy “I first started mind power seminars over ten years ago. This is the best one I’ve ever been to. When I first got involved they started talking about the brain having ten billion cells. Then I heard a hundred billion and now you’re saying with the aid of the electron microscope they say it has one hundred billion. That’s an incredible amount of storage, I don’t understand why we don’t use it.”

England: Gerald “I can certainly see that we have a vast amount of hardware! it’s just having the knowledge on how to use it.”

USA: Patty “I’ve always had this feeling inside that I should be able to do something dynamic. I just don’t know how, yet!”

USA: Kilmore “I know that having a burning desire is the key to success. I know it’s all in the mind. I’ve had a few breakthroughs, but not enough.”

USA: Eddie “I can make money for other people, but I’ve never been able to make a lot of money for myself.”

Australia: George “I keep making the same mistakes over and over again.”

USA: Trevor “Most human beings are walking around with a computer bigger and more sophisticated than any IBM main frame in existence, but it’s not switched on.”

USA: Murphy “If we could increase the amount we use our biocomputers by just five percent that would make us all millionaires.”

England: Ken “My brain hurts!”

USA: Brian “I can actually feel the words and the I pictures pulling me in opposite directions.”

Poland: Krystle “I actually feel as though my brain has shut down.”

Spain: Frederick “I actually feel that I have made hard work of my life. There have been certain times that I’ve zipped through. Only seldom.”

USA: Herbert “I was told that if they were to build a computer that could do all of the work a human brain can do, it would have to be the size of the Empire State Building at the very least. To think of that and all I earn is $570 a week!”

Zoom Secrets

  1. You have a tremendous overabundance of hardware.
  2. You have a vast shortage of software programs.
  3. The left computer processes information in words.
  4. The right computer processes information in pictures.
  5. The two computers are joined together by a band of transmission fibers called the corpus callosum.
  6. The two computers use totally different methods to solve problems.
  7. Many of the individual cells have over ten thousand transmission fibers connecting them to other cells.
  8. Every single cell is intricately interconnected directly or indirectly with every other cell in the biocomputer, giving each and every cell, access to information that is stored in the one hundred billion other cells.

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