How to seperate the ‘talkers’ from the ‘doers’!


My following has come to expect money-making gems everyday but I have made a decision to gear up even more and give you even bigger leverage…so here goes. I am going to give the farm away yet again, and for the next thirty days you can hear me squeal like a goose, so here’s a real gem for you: Over the coming years you’ll meet all sorts of people who will ‘talk the talk’ and convince you that they are the right ones to do your PR, web building or design, marketing, sales or some other service. You’ll no doubt sign them up, give them an advance and pay them month after month. Most times you’re going to end up bitterly disappointed! Why? Simply because most people can ‘talk the talk’ – very few, perhaps one in a hundred, (if you’re lucky!)  can and will actually deliver.

So just how can you build your business, prosper and save yourself heartache and frustration? Well, you can, but it isn’t simple, so here’s my best shot, based on over forty-years of experience in the field, dealing with lots of ‘talkers’ and a few actual ‘doers.’ Even if someone sounds really good, it still pays to have a colleague in the room with you listening to the sales pitch so that the two of you can decide how realistic the proposal is, then try to talk to at least three people who they have performed their miracles for in the past. Drill down on these previous clients and get to the bottom of what was really delivered and what wasn’t.

Don’t forget if they fail to deliver, the excuses you’ll get will be just as exotic as the sales pitch you received in the first place, maybe even more so. Unfortunately you can’t build a business based on excuses, not even exotic ones – only demonstrable results.  Try to get warm introductions from your own business associates who you trust and have known for years and get them to introduce you to people who really can deliver. Realize that some things do take a time to build up, like PR, stuffing sales funnels and leads times so don’t confuse your misunderstanding of business time frames with the lack of someone else’s performance.

Get a one page agreement in writing, as to what they get paid and what you can realistically expect in return for your money. In that agreement, try to capture all the promises and inferences that went down in the ‘talk of talks’ sales pitch to you. Cover off lead times and times frames in the agreement. Enter into the agreement with your eyes wide open – most people don’t. Have a weasel clause so you can escape and stop paying if you’re not getting the required results, so you can get on with your life, get shot of the ‘talker’ and tie up with a ‘doer. Sometimes you have to kiss many frogs to find the princess and once you do – marry her! (or him!)

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