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To start with, I’m not going to tell you how to visualize. I want to go a little further into the detail of visualization and why we should visualize. Imagine a plank of wood, six inches wide and ten feet long, has been placed on the ground in front of you. Your verbal affirmation (left computer) is “Walk across the plank of wood” So you do it. No problem at all.

What I do at my biocomputer seminars is hold in my left hand a dictionary to signify the left computer processing in words, and in my right hand I hold a dozen picture postcards to signify the right computer processing in pictures. Next, imagine the plank of wood being raised on two oil drums six feet off the ground. Again the verbal affirmation is, “Walk across the plank of wood, you know you can do it, you’ve just done it once.” This time I have a little incongruity between the two computers. I ‘see’ myself maybe falling off the plank of wood and hurting my ankle. This time I walk across very cautiously.

Now imagine the same plank of wood, six inches wide, ten feet long, being placed between two buildings three hundred feet in the air. The verbal affirmation is the same, left computer, again I hold my left hand up in the air to show the dictionary. “Walk across the plank of wood, you know you can do it, you’ve just done it twice!” However, when I actually try to walk the plank, I thrust up my right hand into the air to signify the right computer, the pictures have taken over.

In my imagination I have ‘seen’ myself splattered out on the sidewalk three hundred feet below. I ask my audience “Can I walk across the plank of wood three hundred feet up in the air if all the time I’m ‘seeing’ myself as strawberry jam down on the sidewalk?” The answer is of course I can’t! Splat! Strawberry Jam! Nasty! For a laugh, I always ask my audience if there is anyone at all who thinks they could walk the plank three hundred feet up in the air. Before they have time to answer I tell them we have the experiment set up outside. I’ve never had any takers!

All the time I’m talking to my audience, I hold up the dictionary and the picture postcards to signify the left computer processing in words and the right computer processing in pictures. This tends to bring it home to a lot of my students and I suggest that before you read any further, that you hold a dictionary in your left hand and some picture postcards in your right hand and go over the plank of wood exercise for yourself. (The only people who can walk across the plank of wood three hundred feet up in the air, are the tightrope walkers, who don’t have an incongruity between their two computers).

The whole point is that for years you have been verbally telling yourself (left computer, words) that you are going to be a success, going to own your own business, going to be a millionaire, going to be a winner, going to be top salesperson, going to own a Rolls Royce or Porsche but have been ‘seeing’ for yourself (right computer, pictures) the exact opposite. In other words most people have an absolute total incongruity between what their left computers’ say’ in words, and what their right computers’ see’ in pictures.

You are also beginning to see that the pictures are a thousand times more powerful than the words. A wonderful little formula you should remember: When the words and the pictures are in conflict it is ALWAYS the pictures that win, without exception. Of course the other half of the formula is equally powerful and just as true: When the words and the pictures match and are harmoniously pulling in the same direction an irresistible force is the result.

If you have been doing affirmations over a period of years and not been getting anywhere quickly you would be wise to look inwardly at the pictures (right computer) that you have been holding about yourself. Most people in their affirmations (left computer, words) say that they earn $10,000 a week. However, what they ‘see’ (right computer, pictures) for themselves is that they are earning $500 a week. Don’t forget the pictures win every time, without exception. What most people say as their affirmation (words, left computer) is that they own a Rolls Royce, or a Porsche.

However, what they’ see’ for themselves, what they visualize (pictures, right computer) is of course the auto they have right now. It’s a Ford or a pick-up truck, right! The only time you can and will accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself is when you get the words and the pictures to match. As I’ve told you before, you have two very powerful computers, one thinking in words and the other thinking in pictures.

Most people have absolute total incongruity between the words and the pictures. In other words what they have is two very powerful computers pulling in opposite directions. Now you will realize why so many people fail to accomplish their goals and why others suffer from unhappiness and depression. It really is all in the mind! Input really does equal output! What I have just shown you is the secret of happiness. Many folk try to live happy and successful lives, but all the time, unbeknown to them, they have two computers working against each other.

You start matching your verbal goals up with your visual goals and immediately the cloud will lift, the weight of the world will be removed from your shoulders and you will begin to feel happy again. Thousands go to the doctors suffering from depression and usually get prescribed an anti-depressant that many patients stay on for two or three years. People come to me suffering from depression and I usually cure them in about ten minutes flat. I get them to match their words up with their pictures.

Most people go through life, feeling, literally torn apart, (you must have heard the expressions, I have a splitting headache, I’m in two minds, I feel torn apart, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, I’ve only got half the picture, these are the words people use to describe what is quite literally the feelings going on inside their heads) because they have one powerful computer pulling them in one direction and another powerful computer pulling them in the opposite direction. Many would-be-entrepreneurs find it very difficult to be self-starters, to get self-motivated.

What I have just shown you is the secret of motivation, both for yourself and people you are trying to motivate. Most people set themselves verbal goals (left computer) that have absolutely no relationship to the pictures (right computer) that they are ‘seeing’ for themselves. Once you actually start visualizing the goals that you have set for yourself a lot of things begin to happen automatically. Depression lifts, motivation begins. The goal gets clearer and the goal gets nearer.

The more you actually visualize the goal the clearer it will become and the nearer it will become, until you actually achieve it. I’ve been to a lot of seminars about creative visualization and I’ve also read a lot of books that have endeavored to show people how to visualize and at the end of it all the students learnt how to do everything except visualize. The first point to make is that some people can already create pictures in their biocomputers without any problem at all.

However, there are thousands of people, no matter how hard they try, up to now, have not been able to create any pictures at all. I always get a chuckle at my biocomputer seminars when people who can visualize clearly in color, 3D moving pictures, are amazed to discover, that just about two thirds of the people in the class have great difficulty seeing any pictures in their imaginations (right computer) at all.

Don’t forget as children we all have this innate ability to visualize but the educational system is so antiquated that you probably never got any input into your right computer whatsoever, therefore the faculty has become dormant. However, like all muscles, the brain can be revitalized and stimulated into productive activity by use. Imagine for the last twenty or thirty or forty years your right arm had been tied down to your side with lashings of rope.

I came along and explained to you that there had to be a better way. Surely, I tell you, that it would be easier if you used both hands to do your daily chores. The driving, housework, typing, washing dishes and hanging out the clothes, or whatever it is you do, on a daily basis. You agreed with me because it’s pretty obvious, so I cut the rope that’s been binding your right arm for so many years.

Do you think that just because I cut the rope, you would have the instant use of your right arm. No, of course not! You would need physiotherapy and have to start building the strength of your right arm by lifting weights, little ones at first, getting heavier and heavier as your strength built up. So it is with your right computer. It has been shut down for twenty, thirty or forty years. It has atrophied. It has dried up. (I often wonder if those pickled walnuts aren’t right computers some one’s getting hold of and selling to make a few bucks!) It has stopped working. It has become impotent.

The most powerful tool that you have in your possession, your billion dollar biocomputer, is switched off! Now is the time to do something about it! I have turned a lot of people on and changed many people’s lives for the better. I have had feedback from people who have read my books and attended my seminars. I get great joy out of helping people, especially if they have read all the books, listened to all the tapes and done all the seminars, and they tell me my program actually works!

I know what works and what doesn’t work. The following exercise should be done by everyone, even if you can visualize already. At my biocomputer seminars I get my students to close their eyes and try to imagine they are walking along a beach they are familiar with. I get them to imagine that their toes are squelching through the sand and every now and then a gentle wave comes in and baths their feet. Everyone knows what that sounds and feels like. Marvelous!

I get them to feel the hot sun on their soft skin and hear the sounds of the sea gulls. I get them to place their hands in the hands of a lover or spouse and have a pleasant conversation. I get them to listen to the waves and again to feel those waves washing the sand out from between their toes. I get them to access the sounds, the feelings, the emotions, the smell of the salt air and the fresh ocean and ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY’RE VISUALIZING. Yes! Thinking in pictures after so many years inactivity. It hadn’t gone away. The faculty had just become lazy.

Time to celebrate, because this is a tool, you will now use for the rest of your days, or perish! When I know my students are actually visualizing I then say “Now go around the next comer of the beach, and there you will see your dream house, or your dream auto. Walk around your dream house as though you own it, see the flowers in the vase, admire the soft furnishings, walk out into the grounds, pick a few roses, swim in the pool, have a barbecue and entertain your friends, play pool in the games room, cook a meal for two in the kitchen. Get in your dream auto and drive it away, change up and down the gears, go for a spin down the coast highway, feel the air conditioning on your face. See the look on friends faces as you pull into their driveways in your new Mercedes”.

They don’t have any problem at all slipping from the beach into their dream auto or dream home. You can expand the exercise. You can take people around the next comer of the beach and get them to move into a business scenario, where they are closing a deal or selling something or paying a huge check into the bank. The technique works for thousands of people and it may be one that works for you.

The reason why this technique works so brilliantly is that you are accessing many parts of the biocomputer that you don’t normally have any difficulty using. Also it takes you from a reference I point that you are already familiar with (the golden beach, the lovers hand, the squelching of the sand between the toes) to a point that is not so familiar, the dream house or the dream auto or you closing a particularly large deal.

Another simple exercise that I use. If you are a predominantly auditory person (you have no problem talking internally and spend most of your internal time processing information in words) what you should do to start off your visualization is to start talking internally about the deal that you want to come off. For argument’s sake let’s say you are trying to visualize your dream house. You could create a situation in your mind’s eye whereby you are talking to the real estate agent. You could then get him to drive you over to your dream home.

All the time you could be discussing with him verbally all the things that you require your mansion to have. Then as you drive up the front driveway, feel and hear the gravel hitting the underside of the auto. Slam the auto’s doors so you can hear them shut. All the time you are doing this you can get emotional about the dream house as well as increasing the verbal description of the house and deal you are about to enter. As you are going through this process keep trying to access the pictures. It will only be a matter of time and practice before you are able to create pictures in your mind’s eye (right computer).

The most important fact that you must know is that you really do have to create pictures in the electro chemicals in the biocomputer. Many biocomputer students create foggy messes and wonder why they don’t get any useful output from their biocomputer. It’s easy to explain about the left computer, the one that processes in words. You know that if you programmed the computer with English or Chinese or Russian you would sooner or later get the equivalent output.

Say if you programmed your right computer with very clear pictures of your dream house, or your dream auto, or of you doing a very big deal. Sooner or later your biocomputer would give you the output you needed to attain that goal. Input equals output. The output will come in the form of correct habits and Eurekas! Let’s say you programmed your left computer with word salad, gobbledygook, a language that doesn’t even exist. That would be the output of your biocomputer. If you programmed a mishmash of words that didn’t even exist, the output of your biocomputer would be useless. Garbage in equals Garbage out. Input equals output.

Let’s say you programmed your right computer with a foggy mess of unclear pictures. What would be the output? Nothing. You are now dealing with the most powerful computer in the world. The billion dollar biocomputer. It demands having concise and clear pictures and words for its programs. Nothing less will do. However, if you take the trouble to insert the proper pictures in the right computer and match them up with the equivalent and appropriate words for the left computer you will find you are getting output that can only be described as genius. Don’t forget I only drink to genius!

If you’re having difficulty visualizing because you can’t get the image right, the following technique may help you. For argument’s sake let’s say that you are trying to visualize yourself looking slim (which of course is imperative for those seeking to lose weight). Every time you bring a picture of yourself into your biocomputer you’ see’ yourself as you are or worse, fatter. What you should do is to create a screen in your imagination with a smaller screen in the bottom left hand corner. In the large screen let the ‘fat picture’ appear but in the small screen’ see’ yourself looking the way you want to look, slim, tight muscles and the Adonis or Venus look.

When you have both the large and the small screens very clearly focused very quickly switch the two pictures around. Like all visualization techniques, especially when it’s difficult for you to visualize, it takes a little practice and concentrated effort.

Another tip to help you get visualizing properly is to cast your eyes upwards when you are trying to visualize. The eye movements are connected to the neural patterns in the biocomputer. When you look upwards you will be in the visualizing mode. To check this out for yourself ask some friends “What is the top color of traffic lights?” or “Describe to me what your bedroom looks like?” Their eyes will immediately go upwards as they start to search for the information that is of a visual nature.

Have you ever noticed down-and-outs in the street, or people who have failed, they always shuffle around with their heads down, looking towards the ground. They are talking internally, negatively, about the past. On the other hand if you take notice of successful individuals you will soon see that they look straight ahead or upwards, they are in the visual mode and they are thinking positively in pictures about a successful and happy future.

It concerns me a little, that the businessmen who buy self-help books are the same people that buy all the self-help books. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing at all wrong with self-improvement, but there is a folly to that way. Reading is a left computer activity, (If reading maketh a full man, you’re overflowing!) and many entrepreneurs get stuck into reading and reaping and reading, trying desperately hard to find the secret that they are looking for, they are seeking motivation, a way of getting their biocomputers to fire on all eight cylinders (I like the expression ‘Getting your biocomputer firing on all cylinders.’ In actual fact the neurons do fire. The range of frequency of the neuron cells firing is divided into four brain rhythms, delta, theta, alpha and beta.) and they are looking for the one tip that will take them to the top.

This is the folly, this is the error. You can read all day every day, you still won’t click, until you learn to put the books down, close your eyes, (if necessary) and start thinking in pictures about the future. It’s a totally different computer that you haven’t used for twenty, thirty or forty years, yet it’s the right computer that controls everything you do, with regard to your goals.

It’s also important for you to realize people visualize in many different ways. Some see clear pictures. Others see foggy messes, (no good at all for reprogramming the human biocomputer.) Others see themselves in each picture. Others visualize themselves being part of the picture, therefore can’t actually see themselves in the pictures. Many see pictures in full color. Others see pictures in black and white only. A lot of people see everything they visualize much bigger than it is in real life. And a vast majority of people find it very difficult to visualize at all.

Once you have realized how imperative it is to actually create the images in the individual neurons in the electro-chemicals of the biocomputer you will of course realize how vitally important it is to use concentrated effort, if necessary, to make those images. The biocomputer can be compared to battery. It only has so much energy that it can dissipate before it needs recharging. Once the battery runs down the performance of the battery is affected and it will not carry out its duties in a reliable manner. When reprogramming your biocomputer you will find that it only has a certain amount of energy, in particular, electrical energy. (One tenth of a volt gets used up pretty quickly especially if you are worrying about petty trivia!)

If you fritter away your energy on useless activities and then try to reprogram your biocomputer you will find that you are wasting your time. Because of the concentrated effort involved in creating pictures in one’s right computer you should only try when your energy levels are high. I suggest when you rise in the morning, take your shower or bath, then start your visualizing. Have your breakfast after you have reprogrammed your biocomputer.

Have you ever noticed that after eating you feel tired? Well, if this happens to you, you’d be wasting your time trying to reprogram your biocomputer in that state. In the evening don’t try to practice visualization just before you go to bed. Have a shower early in the evening when you still feel fresh and full of vitality, after you have fully recovered from a day’s work. Only practice visualization when your energy level is high. I have helped a lot of biocomputer students get back into the visual mode by introducing them to white noise, which is heterogeneous mixture of sound waves covering a very wide range of frequencies. White noise will blank out any other noises that may be distracting you from your visualization.

You can buy white noise machines very cheaply or you can do what I do at times which is leave a fan running at a continuous speed. You can even make a tape recording of a fan or freezer or similar noise and take that wherever you go, as an aid to concentration. If you are one of the many unfortunates that find it very difficult to visualize, you must persist. You must keep doing various exercises and find a way for yourself to get back the faculty that has become dormant. You may like to do the tea-pot exercise. Just leave a tea-pot on the table in front of you and concentrate on it. Then close your eyes and try to recreate a picture of the tea-pot in your biocomputer.

You can do the same exercise by turning your head away and casting your eyes upwards into the visual mode, this works better on some occasions. You can practice exercises like this all the time and you should, until you have brought back the potency of the right computer. You can expand the exercise by trying to visualize how the dinner table is set when you get home or trying to visualize which way the auto is parked in the drive-way.

All these exercises will pay off handsomely in the long run because the biocomputer really can take you to the moon, once you have it firing on all eight cylinders. The biocomputer fires on different computers at different times. I once read that it fires alternatively in ninety minute cycles, I really don’t know if that’s right. I would think the properly tuned biocomputer would be able to fire from left to right at just the appropriate time for it to function really efficiently. What I do know is, from my own experience and from talking to many biocomputer students, that it definitely does fire on different computers at different times.

Obviously if you want to visualize you should I make sure that your biocomputer is firing on the right computer. You can work out relatively easily which computer is firing and you do it fairly quickly. If you are being very analytical and talking a lot internally, I would suggest you are firing on your left computer. However, if you are feeling creative then you are firing on your right computer and this is when you should start visualizing.

I think that one of the problems of the past has been that the authors of so many self-help books have grossly underestimated the difficulty that some people actually have creating pictures in their biocomputers. For all we know, the books may have even been written by visuals, who have absolutely no problem with visualizing themselves! I would like to assure you that I haven’t underestimated the difficulty and frustration some people go through trying to create those pictures. I have done everything in my power to show you ways of visualizing.

If my techniques don’t work for you, you should not stop there and give it up as a bad job. All it means is that my techniques don’t work for you. You can correct that by working out some techniques of your own or doing some research into other material about visualization. There are many books about visualization and one I would recommend is, ‘Creative Visualization’ by Shakti Gawain. Many would-be achievers have been in a rut for years. A rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends missing. What I am showing you here is the end of survival and the beginning of life. This is more than just a book to be read just once and then placed on the shelf, it is a work-book, an instruction manual. It needs to be studied as though your very future depended on it. Believe me it does!

If you care to reprogram your biocomputer, by vividly imaging the future as you desire it, you are in for some very pleasant surprises. Don’t wait for as long as it took me to find out some very elementary truths! You should get used to planning things out in pictures before the event takes place. You can start by visualizing what you are going to do at the weekend. See the whole scenario take place in your imagination.

You can practice like this on everyday events of your life. Then start visualizing scenarios with your bank manager. ‘See’ the proposition you are going to make him about that business loan in great detail. Use your imagination more and more every day. Bring that faculty back into use. Take time out every day to plan out your day in pictures before the day takes place. By ‘seeing’ things happen in your mind’s eye you will very often come up with ideas that will allow you to literally glide through life.

Of course about an estimated one third of the population can already visualize very clearly. I would suggest that people who come into this category would discover the secrets of success and do the right things intuitively more easily than the rest of us. However, many of the people that have come to biocomputer seminars said, although they could visualize easily and clearly, they had never put the faculty to use, because they had been told so many times, to stop fantasizing at school!



USA: Joe, “One thing I’ve learned this weekend is that I’m not the only one who finds it hard to visualize. Of course I’ve read all the books and done all the seminars. I thought I was missing something. Now I realize it’s a universal problem and Ron has gone to great pains to actually show me how to visualize. Before I never appreciated that with concentrated effort you can actually ‘see’ pictures in the mind. I know I have a long way to go but now I feel I have the right tools to work with. I know that I shall move forward because for years I have been reading that this is the secret of success. Now I know why, and I also know how!”

USA: Sarah, “After hearing so many people say they can’t visualize I have to confess I’m rather baffled. I always thought everyone could and it comes as a bit of shock to hear they can’t.”

England: Mary, “The major highlight for me this weekend was actually being taken though a visualization exercise. When someone else takes you through it you can spend your time concentrating on the pictures. That’s the first time I’ve experienced it. It was very good. A lot of things are getting clearer for me.”

Australia: Clare, “I’m in a business where they talk about dream building all the time. It never dawned on me what it really was or what it really does, until today. I shall start building my own dream because now I have a very clear picture of how I can accomplish it. I think too many times in the past I’ve lost my vision and gone off with someone else’s dream.”

England: Ivan, “I have made many things happen for myself by actually buying part of whatever it is that I wanted. For example I wanted a new set of golf I clubs so I actually went out and bought a caddy to put them in. The golf clubs arrived about eight weeks later. I wanted to go to Thailand so I bought a tour book all about Bangkok. I flew there first class because I actually ‘saw’ myself flying first class. I’ve done a lot of this stuff without even realizing what I’ve been doing. Now I actually understand the principles there will be no stopping me.”

England: Lee, “When I was doing the visualization exercise I couldn’t help laughing. I was driving a green Lamborghini and I swung it into my driveway at home and I crashed into my old Ford Escort that was parked in the drive. So if you see a redheaded girl going over Chelsea Bridge in the morning in a green Lambo you’ll know I got it!”

USA: Peter, “My sales manager has been taking me out to look at new BMW’s to get me excited, to get me goal oriented. The trouble is that I haven’t been getting excited. Today I know what I’ve got to go and look at. I’ve got to go and look at those Winnebagos. That’s what I want! Karl has been trying to get me excited about something he likes.”

Australia: Terry, “For the first time in my life I have really understood what the two hemispheres are all about. No one ever put it over in such simple terms before. I don’t know why, but I really think you’re onto something!”

Australia: Guy, “My pictures have always been in conflict with my words. As Ron was talking I went through every one of my goals and I hold the exact opposite in my pictures to what I keep telling myself. That’s an astonishing revelation.”

Australia: Gerry, “During the coffee break, four of us were discussing eye movements. It’s fascinating to watch people’s eyes move in accordance to the type of thought they are thinking. I’d never noticed it before but when it’s pointed out to you, it’s obvious.”

Poland: Karolinka, “For many years I have tried to I affirm things to myself but I have never been repetitive enough and I certainly haven’t visualized those affirmations!”

Ireland: Kerry, “I find when I relax in the bath, I can visualize easily.”

USA: Keith, “I didn’t know we could bring the faculty back to use with practice and exercise.”

USA: Melvin, “I just didn’t know how much concentrated effort was required, but it was worthwhile. Ron convinced me that I should not give up. In the end I succeeded in creating pictures.”

England: Clive, “Ron taught me to think in pictures over a year ago, since then I have become World Fishing Champion and won a gold medal. Big thanks to Ron Holland.”

USA: Rod, “In the bible it says ‘Through lack of vision my people perish’ only it doesn’t say why.”

USA: Curley, “Visualization can increase anyone’s skills. If you’ see’ yourself as a better carpenter, auto technician, paint sprayer,lawyer or accountant, you will automatically become better. Visualization helps gel the learning process. It will turn laymen into skilled workers and skilled workers into masters!”

USA: Darrell, “For many years I’ve been an avid gardener. At the end of every year I always visualize what the next year’s garden will look like, then I plant it accordingly, I always have the best garden in the neighborhood. It’s never dawned on me to use that practice for my business.”



  1. The most important thing to remember is that you must actually create the picture that you are visualizing in the electro-chemicals in the neurons.
  2. Remember that the pictures dominate everything we do in our lives.
  3. It helps to look upwards when visualizing so you can access the visual mode.
  4. By imagining that you are walking along a beach that you know intimately, you can slip into the visual mode very easily.
  5. It is imperative to visualize subjectively as opposed to objectively.
  6. The most important faculty that you possess may well have become atrophied through lack of use. Start using every visualization technique now, to find one that works for you.
  7. People create pictures in their biocomputers in very different ways; find the way that works for you.
  8. Once you have discovered visualization, use it on a daily basis. Try to use it at every opportunity that you can.

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