Make me Money whilst I relax on the beach.


Make me money, sounds like a command to your fairy godmother and you know what I can. I know ways to make me money and I guess you’d like me to share some of them with you. If I tell you a how you can make me money I’ll be letting you in on many ‘insider secrets’ that you can do to make yourself some money. Are you sitting comfortably?

 Make me money by buying my books. My first book, Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu! was written in 1977 and still pulls in royalties every three months….after 32 years! You can make money by writing a few books of your own.

Make me money by paying to hear me speak. Every week I do talks up and down the country and earn speaker fees and back of the room sales. What can you do in the way of speaking or selling?

Make me money by coming to my seminars and workshops. I conduct workshops on creating multiple streams of income and getting people minds to works like a computer. Make money by either attending them your self. Or better still, teaching or training others to do, what you know how to do.

Make me money by paying for consultancy services. I earn fees for solving peoples problems. Can you solve personal  or business problems for others and get paid handsomely. Make me money by becoming my business partner. I have various partners in a number of businesses. Have you got a proposition that we can both make money out of?

Make me money by letting me mentor you. I hold people hands, some time right up to the point when they become millionaires. I charge for this service. Is there a service you can charge for, and help others at the same time? Make me money by zigging and zagging. More often than not you have to zig zag to get to your goal. Can you zig zag your way to me to meet for a workshop, mentoring session or business proposal meeting?

Make me money by doing the research. You can find out what makes me money by Googling me and in the process your mind may very well yield to you an idea of how you can make some money…maybe even by becoming one of my affiliates. Now that would be fun!

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